Nilight Projector Lens for H1 Bulb Headlights Retrofit Pros & Cons

Nilight 2.5″ Mini HID Bixenon Projector Lens for H1 Bulb Car Gift can easily fit in tight spaces for quad retrofits or fog lamp upgrade.

It also has brand new mini bi-xenon projector lens. Further, it has installation accessories such as lock rings, H7/H4 adapter plates, rubber crush washers etc.

Further, it has 2.5 inches clear lens in mint for condition.


  • Inexpensive
  • No need to do extra drilling or cutting on your headlight housings
  • Excellent beam pattern
  • Much wider beam and more light to the sides
  • Sharp cutoff with some color
  • Straightforward installation
  • All hardware and accessories included
  • Step-by-step instructions provided
  • Good light output
  • Good depth of field


  • Can be difficult to align properly
  • Foreground lighting limits ability to see into the distance
  • Bulbs can be tricky to install correctly
  • It will take some time and effort to install
  • May need additional tools or parts

Nilight 10041P is a 2.5″ Mini Projector Lens for H1 Bulb Headlights Retrofit. The pros and cons of this product have been mentioned above.

According to the pros and cons, the mini projector lens is liked by many users because it has various pros that are directly related to the performance.

Well, the main pros are low-price, easy to use, easy to adjust according to your requirements, excellent beam pattern and easy installation.

On the other hand, some users have written cons in their reviews. They say that it is a little difficult to align properly. According to some users, the foreground lighting limits ability to see into the distance.

LOW BEAM: Gobo closes, part of the light is blocked, while the other light pass through projector lens, reflects a low beam, small angle spot light.

HIGH BEAM: Gobo opens, all light pass through the projector lens, reflects a high beam, bigger angle brighter further spot light.

WITHOUT PROJECTOR LENS: Without projector lens, light just scatter around, not being penetrating or spot.

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