LG Video Projector Reviews

According to LG video projector reviews in various forums and blogs, LG makes impressive short-throw projectors, which are further full of impressive features and options! This review is based on some top LG short throw video projectors such as:

LG PF1000U

LG PF1000U short throw projector has impressive features such as:

  1. Ultra short throw projection
  2. up to 100 inches screen
  3. WebOS 3.0 compatibility
  4. Bluetooth sound-out
  5. Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Further, LG LG PF1000U short throw projector comes with LED illumination capability! So the light-source displays natural and rich colors, and will last up to 30,000 hours! It means you don’t have to replace the projector’s lamp for approx. 10 years.

LG PF1500W

LG PF1500W is a smart home theater projector, which is compatible with LGTV WebOS 3.0. Further, it is a full HD video projector (1980 x 1080) with up to 1400 lumens of brightness!

Amazingly, it comes with wireless screen-share connection with Android devices! So you can easily share to screen with compatible Android devices! Further, it supports up to 120 inches of image, and comes with Bluetooth sound-out capability!

LG Electronics PH450UG

LG PH450UG is an impressive ultra short-throw projector that comes with screen share option! It gives you vivid image at a short distance! To get a 80-inch display size, you need to balance the projection distance of just 13 inches!

The lamp life is of approx. 30,000 that will surely give you years of entertainment without replacing the lamp!

Important points are:

  1. Embedded battery (up to 2.5 hours)
  2. Ultra short throw projection to get 80-inch display from 13-inch distance
  3. Bluetooth sound-out
  4. Up to 450 lumens brightness
  5. Screen share option with Miracast, Widi supported devices
  6. 30K hours of LED lamp life

LG PF1000UW ultra short-throw projector

LG PF1000UW is another short-throw projector that delivers vivid imagery at very short distance. You will be able to receive 100-inch screen size from just 15-inch distance, which is really a good capability in LG PF1000UW home theater projector!

Further, it supports full HD (1920 x 1080) with up to 1000 lumens brightness!

It also comes with Bluetooth sound-out option for all your convenience and flexibility!

  • LG PF1500W LED Smart Home Theater Projector with LG Smart TV webOS 3.0

     LG PF1500W LED Smart Home Theater Projector

    LG PF1500W LED Smart Home Theater Projector features full high definition (1920 x 1080) resolution with up to 1400 lumens brightness. It features Bluetooth sound out, wireless screen share connection. LG PF1500W LED Smart Home Theater Projector comes with easy set up requirements with 1.1x zoom and 4 corner keystone for easy installation. It corrects distortion and missed distance of picture. Read more…

  • LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector with Screen Share

    LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector features wireless screen share connection with Android OS, WiDi. LG Electronics PH450UG supports DLP, Bluetooth and sound out display type. Since it is an LG product so high quality is ensured and the projector lamp life is of 30000 hour. It has Ultra Short Throw feature for projection distance of 80-inch from 13-inch away. LG Electronics PH450UG projector comes with a battery that powers for 2.5 hour in one charge. This is a wireless projector from LG that can connect to a tablet or a smartphone accessing content from projection. It can show movies, pictures, music and files on USB drives too. Read more…

  • LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector with webOS 3.0 Smart TV

    LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector supports up to 100 inches screen, has full high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution and Bluetooth sound out. This latest LG projector uses latest LG’s special smart TV platform that is extremely easy to use with magic remote, magic mobile connection and magic zoom.

    LG PF1000UW has ultra-short throw projection that delivers vivid images within an exceptionally short distance of the projection surface. LG PF1000UW delivers big vivid pictures that have cinematic viewing experience with up to a 100 inches picture I clear full HD 1080p picture quality. LG PF1000UW home theater projector has 1000 lumen brightness and 150,000:1 contrast ratio.

    LG PF1000UW projector has powerful LED light that displays natural and rich colors and will last up to an estimated 30000 hours. More importantly, it comes with wireless connectivity letting you connect with devices wirellesly. LG PF1000UW lets you connect via Wi-Fi, with an Android or Windows smartphone or table. It lets you watch over-the-air digital TV or experience Smart TV content from Netflix, YouTube and other channels. Read more…