ViewSonic PX701HDH Review, Pros & Cons

As per ViewSonic PX701HDH review, the 1080p Projector is ideal for sports and movie streaming with a dongle. Supercolor technology delivers 3500 lumens for rich, vibrant image. Vertical lens shift and dual HDMI inputs provide easy installation and setup. 10w speaker delivers clear, powerful sound.

ViewSonic PX701HDH Review, Pros & Cons
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Main Features of ViewSonic PX701HDH

  • 1080p Resolution
  • 3500 Lumens
  • Supercolor technology
  • Vertical Lens Shift
  • Dual HDMI inputs
  • 10w Speaker
  • Enjoy Sports and Netflix Streaming with Dongle


  • Great quality and brightness for the price
  • Good visual performance
  • Extended lamp life
  • Digital lens shift
  • Color profile exchange
  • USB power supply
  • Good display even in a bright room
  • Many options to optimize the projector according to your needs


  • For a user, died on fourth movie

Based on ViewSonic PX701HDH review, pros and cons, the projector is a great quality and bright projector for the price. It has good visual performance and extended lamp life. The projection device also has digital lens shift and color profile exchange. It is USB powered and can be used in a bright room. However, some users have reported that it died on fourth movie.

The ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector is a great projector for anyone who wants to enjoy sports and Netflix streaming. The projector’s Lumens, Supercolor, and Vertical Lens Shift features make it a great choice for any home theater. The projector’s dual HDMI ports and 10w speaker make it a great choice for any home theater. I hope ViewSonic PX701HDH Review will be helpful to the future buyers. Read more…


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