Elephas Video Projectors Reviews

Elephas is not as popular as Epson, ViewSonic or Optoma as a projector manufacturer but it makes some impressive projectors. Most of the Elephas projectors are performance-oriented and affordably-priced. If your budget doesn’t allow to buy a projector from costlier brands such as ViewSonic or Epson, you can read Elephas Video Projector Reviews to pick a good projector under your budget.

This Elephas projector review is centered around two Elephas projectors. The first projector has 1800 lumens brightness and second projector has 1200 lumens brightness. I admit that these two projectors may not be as good as projectors with good brightness capacity, i.e., more than 3000 lumens brightness. But seeing other features, functions and capabilities, these Elephas projectors are not bad for the price you pay to acquire them.

Please note: these projectors are not good for daylight projection; they are good for dark environment.