1200 lumens Projectors

1200 Lumens Projectors from Diwuer, DBPower, ExquizOn and Varmax

There are various brands that make 1200 lumens projectors. Some popular brands are Varmax, ExquizOn, Diwuer, DBPOWER and many others.

Before you buy a 1200 lumens projector, please make sure that you are buying from a popular brand that has low price and high performance. But it is really very hard to find which projector is performance oriented. Well, reading reviews on these 1200 lumens projectors will be helpful as you know what other users are saying about these top brand projectors.

If you decided to buy a projector from Diwuer, I will suggest checking Diwuer wi-fi 1200 lumens projector as it has gotten the highest reviews on various shopping websites and in gadget forums. Apart from Diwuer projectors, DBPower projectors are also performance oriented as they deliver high quality images at short throw distance and have lower price than other branded projectors in the same category.

Varmax and ExquizOn are also popular brands for high quality home cinema video projectors but they are not as popular as DBPower and Diwuer. However, it totally depends on your test, needs and budget as well. However, there will be difference in the performance when you compare 1200 lumens projectors with 3200 lumens projectors and higher lumens projectors. At the end, it depends on many factors such as budget, portability, design, brand, discount and many others.

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