Yaufey Video Projector Reviews

Yaufe may be less popular brand for projectors but it makes good video projectors that can be purchased at affordable prices. If you are looking for full featured video projectors that are affordable too, please read Yaufey video projector reviews to find an impressive video projector at a cheap price.

Most importantly, Yaufey projectors are with impressive lumens brightness and so they are good for all lighting environment, i.e., daylight or dark environments!

Also, they comes with various interfaces for the flexible connection with your desired devices.

  • Yaufey 1800 Lumens Portable Projector with Free HDMI Cable, Mini Projector support HD 1080P USB VGA AV, LCD Home Theater Video Projector for Laptop Smartphone TV Games Videos (Bright Black)

    Yaufey 1800 Lumens projector
    Yaufey 1800 Lumens Portable Projector with Free HDMI Cable, Mini Projector support HD 1080P USB VGA AV, LCD Home Theater Video Projector for Laptop Smartphone TV Games Videos (Bright Black)

    Yaufey 1800 Lumens Portable Projector is 36 to 196 inches with much brighter light that is 1800 lumens and 2200:1 contrast ratio for all your high profile, high quality entertainment needs. Since it has only high-performance features so Yaufey video projector can deliver more crisp clear images or videos than other LED projectors. No problems, whether you want to use this Yaufey video projector for party, home theater, television shows, this amazing mini projector will surely surpass your expectations.

    On the other hand, Yaufey has great compatibility. It can meet all your video projection requirements whether you are a crazy filmnik, a true gamer or you want to be drenched in a big screen world.

    When it comes to high grade video projectors, Yaufey is the top brand, it has a wide range of projectors from mini to full size video projectors with the best compatibility, premium sound and lower noise. This model of Yaufey projector comes with built-in stereo speakers with SRS sound that keeps the high fidelity and makes it deliver high quality sound and balanced bass without distortion.

    On the other hand, this Yaufey mini video projector carries advanced cooling system where the fan noise is only 32db that is reasonably lower than other ordinary projectors. Further, it is made in small size that measures just 7.72 X 6.1 X 2.76 inches and lightweight also that weighs just one pound. With such capabilities, it can be perfect video projector for travelers, camping, outdoor parties and family gatherings. Read more…


    Yaufey projector

    Yaufey 1800 Lumens Portable projector

    Yaufey 1800 projector

  • Yaufey LED Mini Home Portable Projector, with 2400 Lumens Support 16.77 Million Color Number, Projector Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Family Members Movie Night, White

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    Yaufey LED Mini Home Portable Projector is a high capacity video projector that delivers clearer image quality, good projection experience, many connection inputs and portable design.

    Amazingly, it has small and portable design that is lightweight too. So it provides great convenience to frequent travelers as you can take it to anywhere you go. Also, it is very easy when it comes to adjusting image quality using the keystone function. So it results in flexible display options and excellent color fidelity to make the images very bright. Whether you are projecting from your smartphone, iPad and other devices, this high grade picture will always deliver excellent picture quality.

    Since it allows multiple inputs, so you can convenient connect to any device you want. The supported inputs are HDMI input, USB, SD, VGA, AV and 3.5 mm audio output. You can use Yaufey LED Mini Home Portable Projector for your high grade home entertainment requirement. And you can easily connect it with Xbox, PS3, TV box, computers, and laptops. Using the audio port, you can connect to headset or external speakers and use AV port to connect with DVD or VCD.

    Further, Yaufey LED projector provides great projection experience. The optimum projection distance is from 7 feet to 12 feet and the best projection size is from 60 inches to 120 inches. This high grade and latest projector is powered by latest LED source technology to deliver the best user experience. Of course, this Yaufey projector will not hurt your eyes unlike television and cell phones.

    This projector delivers amazing picture quality as it has 2000:1 contrast ratio, 800 X 480 pixels original resolution and 16.77 million supported colors. Also, it allows manual keystone correction so that you can easily correct the trapezoidal distortion and to receive the best viewing experience at any angle. You can also adjust the lens wit image focus button to get a super clear effect.