Andyer Video Projectors: 1500 and 1800 Lumens Brightness

Andyer Video Projectors are getting appreciations on various reviews and shopping websites, because they deliver the best performance. Andyer as projector brand name is getting good popularity on various popular websites including,, and

If you decided to buy an Andyer video projector then it is really a good decision without any doubts. Because, at the end, you will be buying a high performance multi-capacity video projector at lower price than projectors from other brands.

Apart from Andyer projector brand, there are various other brands such as DBPower, BenQ, ArtLii that also make good quality advanced projectors. These top brand projectors, generally have multi-capacity, multi-connectivity and multi-perfectibility features.

These Andyer video projectors are available in 1500 and 1800 lumens brightness with multiple inputs. Using the popular inputs such as HDMI, VGA, USB, SD, you will be able to connect with various devices including television boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles, computers, laptops and tablets.