Artlii Mini Projector – Pico Projector, Kid Projector

Pico Projector – Artlii 2021 New Mini Projector, Color LED Pico Projector for Cartoon, Movie, Kids Gift, Compatible with HDMI USB Laptop Video Games

The Artlii Pico Projector is a small unit. Therefore, you can easily put in a pocket or in a backpack. It comes with various features and capabilities. These capabilities are very helpful for watching cartoon, movies and it can be the best projector for kids.

This Artlii projector comes with various connection ports such as microSD, AV port, USB and HDMI. Therefore, you can easily connect those devices that have the above mentioned ports.

You can use a power bank to charge this mini projector. It consumes very less energy. Therefore, the projector is very applicable at those places where electricity is not available.

Pico Projector - Artlii 2021 New Mini Projector

Features & Specifications Artlii Mini Projector

  • Brand: Artlii
  • Model: Artlii-Mini
  • Input Ports: HDMI, USB, Micro SD Card, Audio and AV
  • Perfect for movies, TV shows, pictures, games, videos
  • Protective to kid’s eyes
  • Certified from FCC, RoHS and CE
  • Lightning to HDMI Adapter is needed for iOS devices
  • An MHL cable is needed for Android devices
  • Supports dongle or Chromecast
  • It can be charged by a power bank.
  • Compact mini size projector
  • 1-year factory warranty and 1-month money back policy

The Artlii projector is very popular as a kid projector. It comes with all the features that are loved by children. For the safety of kid’s eyes, the projector is very friendly to the kid’s eyes.

For the connection, the Artlii mini projector comes with various input ports such as micro SD, USB, HDMI, Audio and AV. Therefore, it has the capability to be connected with various devices such as laptops, phones, DVD players, TV boxes etc. For the convenience, it supports dongles and Chromecast connections.

Most importantly, the projector can by powered by a power bank too.

You can buy the portable Artlii projector that comes at a low price from Amazon. It is further supported with one-year factory warranty and 1-month money back warranty.

kid gift artlii projector


  • Good picture and sound quality
  • The small size unit does not require too much electricity.
  • It can be attached to a camera stand as well.
  • The projector has good adjustment capabilities.


  • It gets a little warm.
  • A user complained that it shows white screen every few minutes. Therefore, it needs to be turned off then on.
  • The projector is not very bright.
  • According to some reviews, it is a low quality product.

According the pros and cons, the Artlii projector has both pros and cons. The projector has cons more than the pros.

Therefore, I classify it as a low-quality product. However, it is a low-price projector. If you do not want to spend much then you can buy this projector as well.

Many users have written in their reviews that the projector gets warm a little. Additionally, projector shows blank screen every few minutes so this is the major issue in this projector. In case, you want to buy it, please research more on this projector.

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