YOWHICK Projector – 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, Native 1080P 9500L

Yowhick 5G projector has the best features and specifications. Based on these good capabilities, the Wi-Fi projector is capable to deliver the best output to entertain you. This projector has 1080P native resolution but it has 4K support resolution too. You know 4K projectors are in huge demand today because they are for clear display with good color performance.

The Yowhick Bluetooth projector works with iOS/Android and Windows devices. Therefore, the home theater is perfect for outdoor movies, home theaters, parties, friend gathering and much more. This projector supports various connection interfaces so you will not find any difficulties. You can find the popularly used ports such as VGA, AV, USB, HDMI and headphone to connect any device you have. In case, you want to connect wirelessly, Yowhick Bluetooth projector has Bluetooth 5 functionality to connect your desired devices wirelessly.

YOWHICK 5G Projector

Yowhick Projector – 1080P Native Resolution and 9500L Brightness

The latest 1080p projector has good display specification. You can see in the heading; it has 1080P native resolution. It has 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution to deliver good-looking pictures. You get improved picture quality with the help of 9500L brightness and 10000:1 contrast ratio.

Apart from the impressive contrast ratio, brightness and resolution, the Yowhick wireless projector has 33-inch to 200-inch large screen. Therefore, the projector is capable to offer natural color and high definition images in most of the light environments. No matter, you use it as a home theater or an outdoor movie projector; it will surely give you the best quality entertainment at any places you want. For your convenience and to save a little money, a 100-inch projector screen is included with the projector.

HiFi Dual Speakers and Bluetooth 5.0

As you can see that this Yowhick Bluetooth projector has wi-fi capability. Using this Wi-Fi capability, you ca easily connect your audio equipment to enjoy the greatest level of sound. Please do not ignore that it has Bluetooth 5.0, which has a fast device search capability. Apart from searching the connected devices at a fast speed, it maintains the great level of stability when it comes to good quality sound. Therefore, you will not face any difficulties related to the sound.

Moreover, the Yowhick wireless projector has dual stereo sound speakers. The stereo speakers give you the finest grade audio to fulfill an excellent audio experience. And for this, you do not have to connect with an external speaker. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the best quality sound that directly comes from the built-in speaker, you do not have to buy an external one.

yowhick projector with bluetooth support

Many Uses

The portable video projector is very easy to carry and operate. It is small and a lightweight projection device, which is perfect for the entertainment at any desired places. With this Wi-Fi projector, you will be able to pass your precious moments at home, parties or outside the home without any troubles.

Moreover, the Yowhick wireless projector has gotten many certifications as it is certified from FCC, CE, RoHS. Apart from various certifications, the portable projector comes with two years of warranty, lifetime technical support and 24/7 professional customer service.

Many Latest Functions of YOWHICK Projector

The Yowhick wireless projector has many upgraded functions. It has zoom function, which is perfect for adjusting the projected image from 100% to 75%. You can use this zoom function to adjust the image size as per your likeness. Apart from the zoom function, it has the latest cooling system to dissipate the heat buildup. Since the projector does not have any sort of temperature issues so it will last years after years. It will keep delivering the best quality images with proper brightness all the times.

Apart from the zoom and upgraded cooling system, it supports 3 ways projection such as desktop placement, bracket support and ceiling installation. Therefore, you have many ways for the installation as per your demand.

Excellent Wi-Fi Capability – 5G + 2.4G

YOWHICK projector has 5G + 2.4G wi-fi capability. Therefore, this projector can work with iOS, Android and Windows system. After the successful wi-fi connection, you will start mirroring your smartphone content.

Of course, the Wi-Fi has fast response capability. It has fast and stable syncing capability with the connected devices. For a wide range of connection, the Wi-Fi projector has various connection ports such as HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, TF ports. You can use a port to connect with your devices and start enjoying your life with beautiful images. As a side note, please know that the projector mirroring function is not supported with the copyrighted content.

more device support

YOWHICK as a Brand Name

YOWHICK has a pioneering team. The brand has always been developing and looking for new opportunity to improve its product. According to the company’s tagline; it is committed to providing product, which is easy to use and have state-of-the-art technology.

To serve United States customers, the brand has established a good base in the USA. It has 7 x 24 professional customer service to help you out if you got a problem.

Highlights YOWHICK Projector

  1. 4K support
  2. 1080P native resolution
  3. 2.4/5G Wi-Fi
  4. 5.0 Bluetooth
  5. 9500 Lux brightness
  6. Hi-Fi speaker
  7. 200-inch large screen
  8. Max display size 200 inches
  9. 100-inch projector screen included
  10. LED light source
  11. LTPS LCD imaging technology
  12. +/- 15° keystone manual correction
  13. 110V to 240V power supply
  14. 23 languages supported
  15. Package includes 1 x AV signal cable, 1 x remote control, 1 x HDMI cable, 1 x power cable, 1 x user manual and 1 x 100-inch screen
  16. 9500 Lux brightness
  17. 1080P native resolution
  18. 10000:1 contrast ratio
  19. Multiple installation types
  20. 75% to 100% zoom function
  21. Turbo heat dissipation for less noise
  22. Built-in HiFi stereo speakers
  23. Lightweight and portable design
  24. Perfect for outdoor camping, playing games, home theater and wedding celebration
  25. Table, ceiling and tripod installation

A long list of highlights of YOWHICK Bluetooth projector have been mentioned above. It has 75% to 100% zoom function to adjust the picture size as per your preference. It has 10,000:1 contrast ratio for the best color contrast. The projector has Turbo heat dissipation for less noise. It has 1080P native resolution and 9500-lux brightness for crystal clear pictures.

Pros – 5G Wireless Projector

  • The YOWHICK projector shipped to you fast in a good package.
  • It has impressive quality.
  • Easy to setup
  • The internal speakers have plenty of sound so you do not need an external speaker.
  • Responsive customer service
  • The projector comes included with a remote control, HDMI cable, 100-inch projector screen, lens cap and power cord.
  • Well-written and clear instruction, which is easy to understand.
  • Appropriate price
  • Good audio performance


  • The power cable is short; users wished to have a longer power cable.

The main pros and cons are mentioned here. Please read each item under pros and cons headings. I am sure these pros and cons will answer most of your questions. I can see that the YOWHICK wifi projector comes included with all the required accessories. It delivers clear picture and sound. The price is appropriate and customer service team is very responsive.

multi-screen application

Conclusion – 5G Bluetooth Projector

To conclude, if you are looking to buy a low-price wi-fi projector, the YOWHICK projector is perfect for you. It has received good reviews and rating on Amazon and other selling platforms. The video projector has 9500L brightness so it will deliver good picture performance in day as well as night lighting environment. This projector comes included with all the required accessories such as lens cap, HDMI cable, power cable, 100-inch projector screen and others.

More Images of YOWHICK 5G Projector

100 inch projector screen included
100-inch Projector Screen Included – 1080P – 9500 Lux – 5G – 4K support – 1080P HD – YOWHICK
dp01 and others
DP01: 9500 Lux, 1080P Native, 10000:1 – Others: 6500 Lux, 720P Native, 6000:1
5g wifi projector by YOWHICK
5G WiFi supported makes video – sync faser and stable connection – iOS/Android/Windows
bluetooth 5 support
Bluetooth 5.0 Support – Achieve you a more extreme sound experience
200 inch large screen display
200″ Large Screen Display – Greater movie viewing experience
more device support1
More Devices Support – AV, TF, USB, HDMI, VGA – TV Stick Mobile Phone/iPad, DVD Player, Laptop/PC, Chromecast, XBOX/PS4, External Speakers, USB Disk
multi-screen application1
Multi-Screen Application – Outdoor Party – Hoe Theater – Play Game – Watch Match


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