BenQ GV30 Projector Review, Pros & Cons

The BenQ GV30 is a versatile device according to BenQ GV30 Projector Review. It is compatible with many devices like Bluetooth speakers, Android TV and other Android devices. It features auto focus and vertical keystone correction for easy installation and alignment, and comes with a remote control for easy operation.

Impressively, the built-in battery offers up to 4 hours of projection time, and the projector can be used with an AC adapter for extended use. The HDMI and USB-C inputs make it easy to connect to external sources, and it includes a carrying case for easy transport.

BenQ GV30 Projector Review
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BenQ GV30 Features

  • 30” LED display
  • 1350 lumen LED light source
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Auto focus
  • Vertical keystone
  • 135 degree projection angle
  • WiFi
  • Chromecast
  • AirPlay
  • HDMI
  • USB-C

As per the BenQ GV30 projector review, it is a portable smart projection device that comes with Extra Bass Bluetooth speaker, Android TV, auto focus, and vertical keystone. It also has a 135 degree projection angle and WiFi. It also comes with Chromecast and AirPlay, and the unit has an HDMI and USB-C port.


  • The unit is great and people always compliment it.
  • Nice design
  • Rotatable
  • Good picture quality
  • Nice speaker
  • Everything is plug and play
  • The picture adjusts automatically to any angle
  • YouTube and other streaming sites can be casted from a phone to the projector screen
  • Bluetooth lets you connect external speakers
  • Can project up to 100 inches


  • The battery percentage warning isn’t accurate.
  • Noisy fan as per BenQ GV30 Projector Review
  • The picture is not bright enough on lighted environments
  • The speaker is not good quality and is located at the projector instead of the screen
  • It is overpriced a little.

Based on the pros and cons, the BenQ GV30 projector is a great overall projector with a few key cons. One of the most notable pros is the design; the projector is rotatable which means that it can be used in a variety of different situations. Another pro is the picture quality; it produces a great image even in lighted environments.

However, the projector is overpriced and the battery percentage warning is inaccurate. Additionally, the fan is quite noisy and the speaker is not good quality.

The BenQ GV30 is a versatile and powerful smart projector that is perfect for a variety of different settings. It has a built-in Extra Bass Bluetooth speaker that provides great sound quality, and the Android TV platform gives you access to a wide range of apps and content.

Additionally, the BenQ unit also has auto focus and vertical keystone correction, making it easy to get a clear and sharp image. The BenQ GV30 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and user-friendly smart projector. I hope the BenQ GV30 projector review was helpful to you. Read more…

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