Tkisko TO1 Projector – Native 1080P HD Projector, WiFi Bluetooth 5G 4K-Supported

Tkisko may be a new brand or Chinese brand, I do not care. What I care is what its users say about it. According to the users’ sentiment, the Tkisko 1080p projector is worth buying. It comes with good specification numbers that will satisfy anyone who is looking to buy an affordable 5G projector. So, what are you waiting for? Please explore its features, specifications, capabilities and what others say about it. And if all these things convince you, go one step further and buy it from Amazon at a lucrative price.

Some good things about the Tkisko 4K projector are various hardware interfaces and mounting types. It has input ports such as HDMI, 3.5MM audio, headphone, Bluetooth 5 and USB 2.0. This projector can be mounted in various ways such as table mount, tripod mount and ceiling mount. Please do not forget the model number, which is TO1. You can buy Tkisko TOI projector now by visiting website.

tkisko projector

1080P Native Resolution & 400 ANSI Lumens Brightness

The HD 1080P Tkisko projector has impressive brightness. It has 400 ANSI lumens brightness that enables for 4K videos performance. To me, the 1080P and 4K numbers look very impressive. Such display specifications are only found in high-ticket items. This projector is capable to capture even small details.

According to the manufacturer’s claim, the 400ANSI brightness can be brighter than 9500 lumens brightness projectors. With this number, the Tkisko 4K projector becomes a great indoor projector. The users will be able to receive the best quality pictures. As a warning, it is not recommended to use in a daylight environment. For the daylight projection, the 400 ANSI brightness is not enough, you need more.

Tkisko TO1 HD Projector – A Budget Projector

The full-feature Tkisko projector is a budget projector also. It has native 1080P resolution, 2.4G/5G dual-band wi-fi wireless connection and a fast mirroring capability. Not only this, in the feature house, it has more. It has 5.1 dual-direction Bluetooth, 4D keystone correction and 100% to 50% ZOOM function.

Moreover, the 5g projector is designed very well. Therefore, there is no room for dust to enter because it has fully sealed optical engine so it becomes a great dust-proof projector. Apart from all these, Tkisko TO1 uses diffuser light, which is less harmful to eyes compared to TV lights and radiation.

Tkisko TO1 – 5.1 Bluetooth (Bidirectional) and 2.4G/5G WiFi Connections

As it has awesome wireless connection capability, users will not find difficulties for the device connection. They can easily connect it with their phones, laptops and other favorite gadgets. After the wireless connection is confirmed, users can watch their favorite content on a large screen. They can watch blockbusters, video games, sport channels, TV shows and anything else as per their liking.

5g wireless streaming - tkisko to1 projector

300 Inches Screen, Zoom & 4D Keystone Correction

The Tkisko projector works aptly for the display related configuration. It has high-class display functions such as 300-inch wide screen, 100% to 50% ZOOM function and 4D keystone correction. The 4D keystone is very easy to do; it is just a one-click setting. With the help of 4D keystone function, the projector can be rotated at 50° shape; horizontally and vertically.

On the hand, the zoom function is a great way to adjust the screen size from 100% to 50% size for the customizable fitting according to your choice.

You are able to view your favorite content on a large screen up to 300 inches size. Yes, you heard it right! The Tkisko HD projector gives you a large 300-inch screen, which is good for cinematic experience.

The Tkisko 1080P projector has many applications. People use it for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and Movie Theater. Therefore, now is the right time to buy this low-price video projector, which often sells on Amazon at a discounted price.

300 inches screen size

3 Years Professional Support Assurance

You do not need to worry if it does not work according to your expectations because the manufacturer takes full responsibility if any wrong thing happens. If you experience any problem, please contact the customer service team. The customer service team will help you solve the problems. Either the projector will be repaired or replaced based on the problems users face.

Highly Portable – The Tkisko TO1 movie projector comes with a high-class carrying bag that is a great tool to make it portable. With the free carrying bag, this Tkisko projector is perfect for camping or traveling.

Please know that the Tkisko 1080P projector works with 110V-240V AC current. Therefore, it can be used in not only USA, but also in other countries.

The box contains 1 x Tkisko TO1 projector, 1 x power cable, 1 x HDMI cable, 3-in-1 AV cable and 1 x remote control.

Important Things about Tkisko TO1 HD Projector

  1. 300-inch large screen for realistic images
  2. Optical Engine (sealed optical engine to prevent dust and other substances)
  3. Green Power (energy-efficient LED light source, 100,000 hours lamp life)
  4. 400 ANSI lumens brightness
  5. Wired and Wireless Screen mirroring
  6. 2.4G/5G wifi connection
  7. Native 1080P and 4K-supported HD image quality
  8. 12000:1 high contrast ratio
  9. 5.1 bidirectional Bluetooth connection
  10. 4D keystone correction: +/- 50° horizontally and vertically
  11. 100% to 50% zoom function

You can read the above mentioned highlights of the Tkisko video projector. It has good specifications, features and capabilities. It is good at the wireless connectivity. It has 2.4G/5G wi-fi connection. The display features are also very good. It has native 1080P and 4K-supported HD image quality and 12000:1 contrast ratio.

wide compatibility

Pros – Tkisko TO1 HD Projector

  • It comes with a high quality backpack
  • Easy to setup (users are able to setup without referring to the provided manual)
  • Secure delivery of the product
  • It has great screen adjustment features and capabilities.
  • Great picture quality (vivid color)
  • Enough sound
  • A well-built unit undoubtedly
  • Great wireless capability
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • HD, 4K support
  • It replaces the need of having a TV.
  • Cute outer design
  • It does not get heated, which is a wonderful capability in this projector.

Cons – Tkisko Video Projector

  • Tkisko is a new brand name.

Well, the pros and cons are before you, you can judge it yourself. To me, it looks like a wonderful video projector that comes at an affordable price. The users are happy with this projector that I knew by reading various reviews on Amazon.


To conclude, I would say that the Tkisko TO1 video projector is a good projector without any doubts. It comes included with a backpack and other required accessories. It delivers the best quality picture and it has too many good features that may not be available in an ordinary projector in the same price tag.

For many users, it replaces the need for buying a bulky TV that costs several hundred dollars. It gives you HD, 4K display, which is really awesome in such a small price.

Tkisko TO1 Images

5g wireless streaming - tkisko to1 projector
2.4G + 5G Wireless Screening – Meet your needs for both channels – Phone / Android Phones / MacBook / Windows Laptop
tkisko to1 projector - bidirectional bluetooth connection
Unlike Any Other: Bidirectional Bluetooth Connection – Transmitter (Auto) Mode: Connect to exterior speakers – Unique Receiver Mode: TO1 Projector can work as a Bluetooth speaker! Wired Connection with Speakers: via Audio Port
50-degree rotatable
Vertical / Horizontal +/- 50° – Rotate +/- 50°
300 inches screen size
Experts in Processing Large-screen Image – Rich and Original Color, Delicate and Immersive Image Quality
dust-proof feature
Dust-Proof Feature – Advanced full sealed Optical Engine – Dust-Proof vs No Dust-Proof
Diffuse refection image - tkisko to1 projector
Diffuse Refection Image – Protect Your Eyes
widely compatible
Wide Compatibility – Easy and Enough – AV / AUX / USB / HDMI

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