Epson EX3260 SVGA 3,300 lumens HDMI 3LCD Projector

Epson EX3260 projector has 800 x 600 SVGA resolution that is perfect for the daily presentations and high quality graphics. Since it comes with 3300 lumens of equal color and white brightness for more accuracy and vivid color.

Since Epson EX3260 is a 3LCD projector so it delivers impressive color accuracy. It gives you approx. 3 time more color brightness and 3 times wider color gamut than other similar projectors.

Epson EX3260 3LCD Projector

Also, the 3300 lumens DLP projector is fast and easy to setup. You can start enjoying the high quality entertainment in few minutes. Because it comes with great picture adjustment capability and easy control.

Highlights of Epson Portable Projector

  • 3X higher color brightness
  • USB plug n play from PC or Mac
  • Carrying case included
  • HDMI support for HD videos and audios
  • Fast, easy setup with Epson
  • 3300 lumens white brightness
  • 3300 lumens color brightness
  • Up to 3 times wider color gamut
  • Epson No. 1 in image quality

Key Features

Epson Projectors No. 1 Voted for Image Quality

epson no one projector for image quality

As per the TFCinfo, US projector brand customer perception and preference study of 2017, Epson projectors are the best projectors for image quality.

Both High Color Brightness and High White Brightness

high color brightness

The 3300 lumens color brightness is for good accuracy and vivid color. And the 3300 lumens white brightness is good for well-lit rooms.

SVGA Resolution (800 x 600)

Epson EX3260 svga resolution

The SVGA resolution of Epson EX3260 is perfect for projecting everyday presentations and graphics.

Fast, Easy Installation with Epson

fast easy setup

You can enjoy the high quality content without spending time. Because it comes with easy image adjustments and convenient control.

Compatibility with Latest Laptops and Media Players

compatibility and connectivity

Since Epson EX3260 comes with HDMI port, which is standard in connectivity so it is great for digital video and audio with just one cable.

10,000 Hours of Lamp Life

10000 hours lamp life

Epson EX3260 comes with the lamp that has up to 10,000 hours of lamp life so it maximizes the viewing time and minimizes the total cost of ownership.

Instant Off

instant off

The Epson 3LCD projector comes with Instant Off button so that you can quickly power off the projector, pack up and go.

USB Plug ‘n Play

You can easily and instantly project directly from your personal computer or Mac with the help of included USB cable.

Carrying Case Included

carrying case included

With the purchase of Epson EX3260, you also get a high quality carrying case that makes it portable. Because you need the portability for presentations on the go.

This high performance 3LCD Epson projector lets you present with ease and confidence without any doubts. It has 3300 lumens of color/white brightness. It is able to offer vibrant images even in well-lit rooms.

Also, it comes with SVGA resolution (800 x 600) that makes the projector everyday use projector. On the other hand, it comes with easy image adjustments capability to help you get up and running without wasting your precious time.

You can use the HDMI connection for the connection between the projector and laptops and other multimedia devices.

Most importantly, Epson EX3260 3LCD projector delivers impressive color accuracy with up to three times more color brightness and up to three times wider color gamut over the competitive DLP projectors.

Please make sure that the color brightness and white brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15:4 and white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

Color brightness is measured by a third-party lab in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors vs top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on PMA Research sales data for Dec. 2015 through No. 2016.

At a Glance


Epson EX3260 at a glance

Epson 3LCD projector has SVGA resolution, 3300 lumens color brightness, 3300 lumens white brightness and it comes with USB Plug ‘n Play from PC/Mac. The Epson projector is fast, easy to setup, supports HDMI for HD videos and audios and it comes included with a carrying case.

Project up to 120 inches or larger

project up to 120 inches

The Epson projector lets you view pictures on a larger up to 120 inches screen that is really very impressive. You will be able to enjoy home cinema without any doubts.

Epson EX3260 3LCD Projector

epson 3lcd projector

Epson EX3260 projector has 800 x 600 SVGA resolution that is perfect for the daily presentations and high quality graphics. Since it comes with 3300 lumens of equal color and white brightness for more accuracy and vivid color.

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