Touyinger Mini Multimedia LED HD Video Projector

Touyinger Upgraded Home Mini Multimedia LED HD Video Projector is very easy to connect with your iPhone of iPad with the help of a charging cable.

You don’t need wireless or any HDMI adapter. It is really amazing watching videos on a big screen from a small device such as iPhone or iPad.

Touyinger Upgraded Home Mini Multimedia LED HD Video Projector

Please make sure that Touyinger mini projector is not suitable for Netflix videos, you can use with YouTube videos or other applications to watch videos and movies.

Further, Touyinger mini projector has updated fan sound and system as it is equipped with an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion and the fan sound cut in half with noise suppression.

It can be brighter than ordinary LED projectors. It has 1500 lumens efficiency that is perfect for home entertainment in dark environment and it can really be brighter than other LED projectors.

Please make sure that this Touyinger video projector is not recommended for PPT or business presentation.

You can easily connect this Touyinger mini projector with multiple devices such as gaming consoles, Headphone, outer speaker, U-disk and hard disk using multiple input interfaces such as HDMI, VGA, audio port and USB port.


  • Can watch anything on your phone on a big screen
  • Easy to set up
  • Good for the price
  • Good picture quality
  • Uses an LED bulb (long lasting)
  • Easy to use with iPhone
  • Small and unobtrusive


  • Need a dark room to project well
  • Does not work with iPhone 6s
  • Recommended app did not work
  • Manual says to turn on AirPlay, but no luck
  • Picture is not very bright
  • Not as clear as old dlp projector
  • Person from company is “full of crap”


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