BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand – Adhesive

The Brainwavz 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand is a great product that is perfect for small speakers. They are easy to install and have a strong adhesive that will hold your speakers in place. They are also great for lightweight speakers and have a sleek design that will look great in any home.

The brainwavz 2-pack 4″ small floating shelf bluetooth speaker stand is a great way to display your bluetooth speaker. With its adhesive and screw wall mount, this speaker stand is very easy to install and is also anti-slip. It is a great way to show off your bluetooth speaker and is also great for cameras, baby monitors, webcams, routers, and more.

BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand -  - Screw Wall Mount
BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4xe2x80x9d Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand, Adhesive , Screw Wall Mount, Anti Slip, for Cameras, Baby Monitors, Webcam, Router , More, Universal Holder (SHELF11 Black)
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Features – BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand

  • The Brainwavz 2-Pack 4” Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand is a adhesive screw wall mount that is anti-slip and Universal Holder (SHELF11 Black).
  • It is perfect for Cameras, Baby Monitors, Webcams, Routers, and more.
  • This product has a sleek and elegant design that is perfect for any home or office.
  • The brainwavz 2-pack 4” small floating shelf bluetooth speaker stand is a great way to save space and keep your devices organized.

This product is a 2-pack of small floating shelf Bluetooth speaker stands. They are adhesive and screw-mounted to the wall, and have an anti-slip design to keep them in place. They are universal holders that can be used for cameras, baby monitors, webcams, routers, and more.


  • Perfect size for security cameras
  • Nice looking plastic shelves
  • Can be used to suspend repeaters
  • Installation is easy
  • The cameras can be seen from the outside
  • Perfect for small speakers
  • Works well
  • The shelves look nice
  • Capped screws are a nice touch

These Brainwavz Floating Speaker Shelves are the perfect way to display your small speakers while keeping them safe. The shelves are made of durable plastic and are easy to install, making them perfect for use with security cameras or other electronics. The small size is perfect for suspension and the capped screws give the shelves a neat look.


  • The paper can peel off the wall when removed
  • May not be able to hold heavier speakers
  • The 3m double sided tape doesn’t work well

This 2-pack of small floating shelf bluetooth speaker stands by Brainwavz is great for those looking for an affordable and easy way to set up their speaker system. However, some users have found that the included 3m double sided tape doesn’t work well, and that the paper can peel off the wall when removed. Additionally, these shelves may not be able to hold heavier speakers.

These shelves are a great way to add some extra storage and decoration to a room, while also being able to wirelessly stream audio from a Bluetooth-enabled device. The installation is easy and the shelves look great, but the double-sided tape that is provided may not be strong enough to hold the shelves securely to the wall. >>> Check Price <<<

Conclusion – BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand

The Brainwavz 2-Pack 4″ Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand is a great speaker stand for small Bluetooth speakers. The stand is made of high quality materials and is very easy to install. The stand is also very easy to use and is compatible with most Bluetooth speakers. The stand is also very affordable and is a great value for the money.

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 BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand

This is a 2-pack of small floating shelf Bluetooth speaker stands. They are made of wood and have a black finish. They each measure 4 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 7 inches tall. They feature a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a shelf for holding your phone or other devices while you stream music wirelessly from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. These speaker stands are perfect for your home office, bedroom, or anywhere else you want to enjoy music without taking up a lot of space.


The BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand is a great way to display your small speakers. The shelf is made of strong moulded acrylic and has a non-slip felt surface. There is an access hole for cables and the shelf is suitable for small electronics, collectibles and speakers. The shelf comes with screws for mounting and can also be mounted with VHB tape.

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73 mm / 3.1 inches 0.9 inches lO mm / 4.25 inches 100mm / 4 inches 13 inches BRAINWAV2
– Black

The BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand is the perfect way to put your speakers on display. These stylish speaker stands feature a black finish that will complement any decor. The stands are made of sturdy MDF construction and each shelf can hold up to 11 lbs. The Bluetooth speaker stand is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Attach the provided 3M VHB sticky mounts to rear of the shelf ea av oy AE og VHB Press shelf firmly into place VHB strips included for a no-screws quick and (63) = easy mounting option Not suitable for use on decorative, damp/wet or dusty/flaky surfaces  BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand

The Brainwavz 2-pack 4 small floating shelf Bluetooth speaker stand is a great way to add a bit of style and function to your home without spending a lot of money. These stands come with 3M VHB sticky mounts that make it quick and easy to set up your speakers without any screws or nails. They’re also great for use on decorative, damp/wet or dusty/flaky surfaces.

Brass Polished Wall | screw cap decorative Plug mount screw cap —_ Rubber washer Screw DECORATIVE SCREW MOUNT Comes with all hardware for extra secure wall mounting Image for illustration only - Mounting hardware may differ from that shown  BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand

The Brainwavz 4 Small Floating Shelf is a sleek and modern way to display your Bluetooth speakers. The compact design is perfect for small spaces, and the clean lines blend in with any decor. The shelves are made of sturdy MDF and have a high-gloss finish. The brackets are made of durable ABS plastic and have a rubberized coating for a non-slip grip. The brackets mount easily to any wall with the included hardware.

/ Easy access for charain fo cables  BRAINWAVZ 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand

The Brainwavz 2-Pack 4 Small Floating Shelf Bluetooth Speaker Stand is the perfect way to display your bluetooth speakers while keeping them charged and ready to go. These shelves mount to the wall and allow your speakers to sit flush against the surface, making them appear to be floating. The unique design not only looks great, but also helps to protect your speakers from bumps and scratches. The built-in charging dock keeps your speakers charged and ready to use, and the cable management system ensures that your cords are neatly tucked away.

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Hi friends Today we are going to do microscope challenge you must have seen a microscope but not at home a computer microscope maybe you would have not seen this This is our microscope When we will put anything in front of it that thing will be displayed on the computer on computer screen Should we try it? see this Aayu show your hand this is Aayu’s hand Se, how it looks so bad Aayu your hands have holes in it Air bubbles no, these are finger prints can you see? What is this red thing? it is some spot show them my beauty spot beauty spot Where is your spot? there it is It looks so big it looks like airplane then go sit on the airplane It looks like a burn mark yes, it is like burn mark ok fine Should we start the challenge friends? The team is of boys vs. girls ok We will bring stuff like this we will show it through the microscope and you will guess ok, it will be fun ok, like every time boys will only win yes no we will win Boys have the confidence that they always win over confidence yes because we win Dad they will be able to see everything yes, that is a problem So we will apply divider in the middle Let us start the challenge 1, 2, 3 start ok so here is our partition now we are taking out the first item Should we start? yes, let us start with you ok you also try and guess the item ok This is showing you will get 3 options if you give the right answer then fine if you don’t you will not get the point I am showing from all sides so that Do you understand? I have focused it see this done, dad Leaf 1st option leaf ok think, think friends can you guess, what is it? zoom out a little if it is so zoomed in Bitter gourd 2 options completed cucumber 3 option Lady finger girls lost their chance there 3 options are over but there last option was right Lady finger then it is correct no it is not you said 4 we guessed it no you already said so many names Slime, leaf, grass we did not count that so this was lady finger that is not right we guessed it Have you ever seen lady finger like this zoomed in so much you could see the fuzz on lady finger he always cheats ok, now next round now girl’s turn,let us see what they do now tell what item is this? What is this? coin don’t say your options 1 option is done this is Pihu’s phone cover no, 2 completed wait I think this is some jewelery yes This is for sure some jewelery not jewelery sure you lost What is it? This is Pihu sister’s diary with the unicorn the circles were looking so big we did not showed you the silver side see show us the silver side see the silver side Friends No one got any point till now This challenge looks very difficult See, we will guess this time this is table What is yellow thing? you have to guess that Yellow, yellow dirty fellow is that all? yes This is that wait first tell me no, that is big this is very small 1 no, no no we did not say it yes, yes, snack snack Is it correct? yes Yes we got a point Mom was saying Kurkure but they are so big Are chips so big? Such big chips they were looking like chips ok, girls got 1 point we won 1 point no problem we will also score soon you, see no problem you see what we bring next you see the next item Bring it See What is it? let is focus Now it is focused Blue threads there are some threads first This I think it is something of plastic yes Thanks for the hint yes, you are going in the right direction It could be something from mom’s makeup yes, very correct mom is lying this could be some blue plastic toy 1 We did not said anything no but you said it you did said it it can be this or that 1 option is done Count down 1 2 3 Do you understand? Do you understand anything? that’s it, time is over no it is not a comb 2 done, tell us the last option we can’t guess you don’t know it This is Pihu sister’s rubber band If you would have said pom-pom we would have agreed It was looking like plastic to us This is not plastic So we won You will get the point when you answer one and the same thing we won 2 times Where? you only gave 1 right answer Our turn is coming move on We got easy things they brought really difficult things What should we do? Next round ok we are ready Are you? come on we are ready These look like Santa Claus’s mustache Wait 1 we did not guessed anything we also did that no, no this is cheating ok, now we won’t speak ok 1 done I’ll move this a little for you a little more This is I am focusing a little Think think friends can you guess what this is? We don’t have all day Friends you also tried to guess it Door mat? something like a door mat don’t give vague answers 2 completed last chance otherwise pass it we won’t pass ok then count down 1 oh no 2 10 10 What was it? Pihu’s rubber band only Pihu’s rubber band caused our victory and loss both yes You had fun? it was so close it looked like some cloth now our turn ok We have got this What is this? let us focus This silver object is the table so much black button Aayu don’t you remember something this much focus is alright Chocolate no, 1 option done he said button also 2 done, yes last chance 1 final guess focus it again focus it properly it is not Aayu doesn’t this looks like something tasty? do not give hints mom I am confusing them look here See friends show it from side you also guess you can’t guess cont down 1 2 is it a biscuit? 9 3 done 10 your 3 options are done coffee beans See that friends So fun it is so small, but this helped us win have you tried coffee beans we will also get hard mom ate the coffee bean mom really likes it give it fast We will make you loose we have to win think and then speak again yellow color Dad you got only yellow things yellow yellow dirty fellow we like it a lot sitting on the buffalo What is this? think move it a little Oh, I know what is it first tell me Lemon wrong 1 wait now this is that chocolate coin wrong 2 Aayu got his, it must edible only something is in golden cover it is not covered the real thing is yellow colored Why should I tell you? you have to tell this count down 1 pass it, if you don’t know we don’t know pass Gun’s dart Seriously we can’t guess anything at all in this challenge Should we start? Show it Again white color Mom got this one plastic things always move it a little can’t understand It’s good then We can’t see the object, what is it? a little more zoom out see now This is ear buds yes you saw the pink part we got one point you guessed it because of pink I thought what could be this slim? we have equal points Right Aayu? Girls get over confident Dad if we Give it, Aayu gave a nice idea I will take out one from our treasure now see this yes, that’s nice yes show us properly we are only seeing table this is not table Pihu what could this be what are these 3 lines 3 lines so many lines Show us what’s there show us, show us we will guess from that, fast Show us we will guess from that only show, show it show it see this so much confusion this is that something of a belt 1 wrong no problem no problem Friends, do you understand what is this? Guess it no, no lower it down if you can’t guess even after seeing this then it’s not my fault countdown 1, 2, 3 wrong, 2 completed 10, over over Nail cuter’s filer area the filing area you 2 use it a lot you keep shaping your nails Mom more so Next round come on come on What is this? Show properly we are showing properly you look properly What is this Dad? dad try and guess show the sides a little border move out What is this? can you guess All mom’s will guess it correctly Do not give them hints they still are unable to guess Count down 1 something related to cooking 2 3 knife, no 4 1 done 5 show me the border again 7 8, 2 done 9 and 10 What is it? This is garlic Was it looking like garlic? Who all eats garlic people eat raw garlic too many people don’t Aayu will try it today but older people eat raw garlic ok now your turn Dad that yes, that What? What’s the name? the most hard thing we will guess that friends Let us see ok fine here it comes move it a little I showed you the side show it vertically too like this it is not that long Is it some wire? you think Wire say, and that will be your 1st option it is a wire yes yes, what was it? It is a wire Wire, yes we won but what wire is it? it could be anything you did not show the end What was it? Earphone’s wire we won we have 2 points ok, no problem take this Now we will guess Now our turn Let us see if they can guess Ludo’s pawn yes wait move, show us the border border border, border yes, wait watch and think yes, we are looking there is nothing more show us the border see this there is so much grass move forward, show the border corner show the corner We are showing it show the corner no show me the corner, not fair I also showed it to you Focus on it these 2 are cheating we are not cheating Focus properly Bitter gourd 2 options done, friends Now also we will win I think it’s dish washing scrub What? very wrong What is this? count down wait, wait Scotch brite? no 3 done 7, 8, 9, 10 you should have got this There is no border, it’s a ball we showed it to you our wish Did you show the earphones end? But we agreed when you said wire we would have also agreed with ball we didn’t wanted tennis ball Right? We won When Aayu’s dad looses, he gets sad you are just 1 point ahead ok, next round no one will look here yes, we won’t if they look here they will get minus points We are looking here only What is it? move it forward This move it a little it’s your hand, a body part 1 option wrong it’s not a body part say the name That is not fair 1 point gone We can say that say fast Aayu’s Aayu’s Aayu’s elbow 2 points gone this, don’t look here 2 points gone What is this? it is some body part some skin part some part, that has hair wait, wait show the middle part Can you see? This Aayu’s don’t look here I am telling you we have guessed it Why will we show a finger? This, this 3 points, finish This is Aayu’s ear I said Aayu’s body part no, now wrong I said there are hair this will be counted No, why? you said body part body part can be anything so we will guess that only we can’t guess exactly guess the whole part They are cheating when they loose, they cheat But mom was acting over smart ok, next round they lost again like you are wining Aayu don’t look here don’t look They are cheating because they are loosing Focus it What is this now? Aayu this is something nice and tasty Don’t give any hint yes, mom is acting over smart she picked shiny items just so we can’t see it properly I didn’t knew I just chose the items I don’t know how are shining? they are reflecting light Is it some candy? no 1 done 1 completed, you asked is it candy? Plastic? Show the border Friends can you guess? we can’t focus on border so this is something round because there is no border Friends you can guess too What can be a ball like object Aayu? What can it be? What is it mom? Apple Apple 1 3 guesses done stone marble they get boring things bring something interesting What is interesting? we are not equal we are 2 points ahead 1 point She keeps on increasing her own score Don’t win, increase your points So what? They are cheating, we increase our scores ok Guess this one we can’t see What can I do? do it properly then What can we do We can’t see anything We can’t see anything Now the friends are also seeing Friends can you guess? No, we can’t either show the 2nd corner What is this? the other corner Does this have only 1 corner Spoon 1 wrong something from the kitchen Steel straw or something Do not count this Think, think What can we do Show us the corner, like this it is corner only this is not corner it is corner corner is everywhere and what is down there see the corner no move it there yes, I did it I took it to the corner this is also corner this is cheating like this yes This is It looks like a flute There are stones on something should I Should I consider this the 3rd one no, no we didn’t say a name we told about the decoration Is it from the kitchen or room? From kitchen Why? I went in the kitchen This I got from there or not I won’t tell you this Show the outer I am closing it and beginning the countdown It’s been 15 minutes I know this It is something from kitchen Great 1, 2, 3 4 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 What was it? Phone The phone is looking like musical instrument to her and this this hole is like speaker not speaker this is head phone jack and this friends really the hair on this they were not hair, that is dust which is on the phone We don’t even know small dust particles on our phone on the body on everything This is dust otherwise plastic does not has hair this is all dust Right? ok You lost again We are wining, you are the ones loosing yes Come on Aayu turn your face you have not won yet Why are you not showing it? Look they bring such plain things Mom got it It is looking so nice It looks so beautiful look at it What is this? I thought he means, there are tears yes I spoke in Gujarati I did not said tears What is this 1 point done no, no I said what is this? meaning what is it In English what is this? In Rajasthani We are not Gujarati What is this? We are not Gujarati We won’t say what is it Fine, show the edge don’t waste any more time This is it 1 minute My brain is working If dad is unable to tell this then meaning Should I give 1 more hint yes Dad touches this thing daily Daily Really everyday This is always in dad’s hand Move forward, show me the border See this and dad says for this Coin? No 2 done Dad’s purse 2 done, pure and coin Why are you guessing it Show me the border Show the border only This the table now not table, show me the border this is the border only Where is the border? First it’s black This is the table ok, now move inwards After black, silver and white outer has black and inner is white and one more hint no yes, yes no yes Count down 1 Hint? 2 No Dad’s camera cover How is this silver? This is how You did not show Sony Why will we show the name? Oh no Why didn’t you show us on the phone The name of the phone we are not playing, they are cheating We are not Dad this one thing is left What? This the last round We will win this round anyhow come on start We will make you loose this round come on Give it Here is our Show us bad very bad move it and show properly the corner it is something edible there is a design on it yes Should I tell you? I know it first tell me The thing that is was in house Dad got that only I know it Tell fast, tell us fast Water balls I took it out from my pocket can I keep that in my pocket Use your brains I told her not to say it I don’t know from where she got that It looks like it Mom you want to eat it he can’t even look and guess how will she guess it from there I have chosen such a nice thing Note Wrong, 2 points What is inside dad’s pocket? it is not coin or note They won’t be able to guess what is it It is not necessary that the thing that comes out of my pocket belongs there This is a hint This is not usually in my pocket Use your brains Where is it usually? Where is it’s place Aayu tell it’s place It’s place is in our home What could it be? Show it, show all the borders you did not show me all corners yes, all corners You showed me Sony? that was in the middle You should show it but Say fast What could it be? Something edible? Is it edible dad? Dad Say fast now 2 points you said 2 wrong items Count down 1 2 3 4 5 8, 9 Some people do keep it in pocket, some don’t Tell what is it? Think what is it You can’t guess even after seeing it Now I will turn this then you will understand Apple Apple peel Show the original side this is cheating, my wish my wish, I can do what I want You showed us the opposite side But you did not understood and apple’s peel who keeps it in the pocket our dad keeps it in for confusion that is wrong they lost this point too foul, wrong This is girl’s last round If we get this right we will have a tie and if we don’t then they will loose and we will win Girls What is it? show We are showing it They again got something in red color they like red color only ok, black Friends do you know what is it? Now yellow Mom you tell all the colors See friends we have given them so many hints it is not clear Quiet Now it is clear Now show me that What? Border Show this that That Show all the colors black too Look at Pihu’s face Is this plastic? No, it’s not plastic Cloth? Paper, with cloth texture cloth like paper Great there are papers like that But this is not that Look at this cheating If you tell this, it will be cheating I don’t know 1, 2 I tried, but I am not a cheater like them 4 you cheated 5 we did not, 6 10 Aayu’s pen stand Aayu’s pen stand What happened dad? Girls win always Boys won boys won we won We won No problem no problem if we lost we should accept our defeat So you agree yes, accepting is good We lost on purpose so that girls don’t start crying And subscribe if you have not already It should be like this Ok, tata tata bye bye love you all

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