Roadwi Video Projectors Reviews

I read Roadwi video projectors reviews visiting various forums, blogs and shopping websites. And I found that Roadwi makes average-quality projectors, which can be purchased at low prices. Yes, affordability can be the main factor if you decided to buy a Roadwi video projector.

You can read below mentioned projectors’ descriptions to compare features, functions, capabilities with other brand projectors. The big difference you will see is the price.

Roadwi Video Projectors Reviews have two Roadwi projectors of 2600 lumens brightness. Talking about the brightness levels of these projectors, I can say 2600 lumens brightness is really very impressive!

They have 800 x 480 (dpi) native resolution and 1080p support resolution, which is considered standard screen resolution for impressive picture quality.

Also, you can take benefit of the portability profile of these projectors. And you can use these Roadwee video projectors for all your indoor and outdoor projection requirements!