TOUMEI Mini Portable Projector C800W Review: Pros & Cons

Portable Video Home Theater Rechargeable Projector Max Throw 120

Portable Video Home Theater Rechargeable Projector is made in a size of iPhone 7P that makes it lightweight that weighs just 0.5lb. It is really very easy to install with compact and portable profile.

TOUMEI projector supports full 1080p high definition video and it lets you enjoy high definition image projection up to 120 inches. It lets you turn any surface into a HD theater through a simple wi-fi connection. It comes with integrated speakers and easy installation requirements.

Most importantly, it is very durable and energy saver as it uses newest LED technology, OSRAM LED lamps with 3000 hours of life. It is claimed that power consumption is minimized up to thirty percent and it is a perfect projector for home entertainment for videos, photos, games.

Amazingly, it is rechargeable and long listing means you can enjoy uninterrupted videos and games even when power supply is not present. This is a great wireless projector so you don’t have to use so called cables like HDMI, USB etc.

This wireless video projector uses DLP technology which uses advanced multi-color processing, producing exceptional contrast ratios.


  • Portable
  • Wireless
  • Fewer wires
  • Can be used as a TV
  • Has been dropped multiple times and still works
  • Does not need to be hung on a wall
  • After about 2 years still works perfectly
  • In large size resolution is better than a TV


  • Limited use
  • Poor picture quality
  • Requires dark room
  • Won’t turn on due to fan error
  • Spent hours with tech support without fixing problem
  • Only recommended service places in China
  • Can connect to other devices via Bluetooth, but doesn’t work well
  • Typing with remote is a pain
  • It is not easily configured and connected to laptop

Seeing the pros and cons, the TOUMEI mini projector does not impress much because it has too many cons. If I talk about the pros then I can say that is a portable wireless projector that can be used as a TV. This projector is sturdy enough because a user says that it has been dropped several times and it still works fine. Additionally, the users do not need to hung on a wall. For a user, it still works very well after two years.

On the negative side, the Toumei projector has limited use; delivers poor picture quality and requires a dark room. For a user, it did not turn on due to a fan error. The user spend hours with tech support without fixing the problem. According to this user, the only recommended service places are in China. The Bluetooth connection is not reliable and remote use is a pain. Some users faced problems connecting this to their laptop.

TOUMEI,Mini Portable Projector [2018 Upgarde] C800W Android 7.1 Video Projector


portable 1080p, led, airplay weight - toumei video projector
Toumei Android 7.0 Projector: Portable, 1080P, LED, Airplay, Weight


New Update: directly and wireless connect smartphone, automatic keystone
Automatic Keystone, (Wi-Fi or USB Same Screen), Wireless Connection with Smartphone

toumei projector, input & output, tv box, VOD, Xbox, PS4, Laptop
Input & Output: TV Box, VOD, XBox, PS4, Laptop, Speakers, Headphone, Power Bank, Charger, Portable Hard Disk, USB Disk, Mouse, SD Card, TF, USB, Power, Audio, HDMI


Android 7.1 USB Same Screen Advantage
Android 7.1 USB Same Screen Advantage: connect directly to the USB port, no wi-fi connection needed (iPhone, iPad, Android and Laptop Support)


Home Theater: Install Distance and Screen Size
Home Theater: Install Distance and Screen Size. The Right Screen Size Watch More Comfortable


Package Contents: smart mini projector, remote controller, power adapter, usb cable, tripd, English user manual
Package Contents: smart mini projector, remote controller, power adapter, usb cable, tripd, English user manual

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