Sunset Lamp Projection Lamp USB Sunset Projector Lamp Night Light, 16 Colors

In case, you are looking for buying a sunset projector lamp, you can buy Joretle projector lamp as well. It comes with too many capabilities, features, pros and other important attributes.

The good thing about this Joretle projector lamp is highly adjustable. It comes with 16 colors and it can be rotated on 180° angles.

Well, there are many applications of such projector lights. You can use it for photography, in living room, bedroom, parties and other occasions. Please know that the projector lame is produced by Joretle, which is a popular name for such products.

The Joretle sunset projector lamp is compatible with USB devices. It is made in a modern style with polyvinyl chloride material. The product measures 0.7 inches deep, 0.5 inches wide and 0.3 inch high.

Sunset Lamp Projection Lamp USB Sunset Projector Lamp Night Light

Joretle Projector Lamp Supports 16 Varieties of RGB Colors

With the 16 RGB colors, you will be able to perform most of the lighting tasks according to your preference. Moreover, you are allowed to adjust the brightness manually. For this purpose, you have to click on the designated button. To buy the sunset projector lamp by Joretle, you can check the availability on Amazon as well.

Joretle Projector Lamp Has Rotatable Design

The head of this projector lamp can be rotated at the 180° angle. Therefore, the 180-degree rotation feature can be used to produce various light effects from different angles. With this Joretle projector lamp, you are able to feel the decorative shapes that come from many colors. Using this rotation feature, you are able to adjust the overall look of the projected lights.

You Can Use the Joretle Sunset Projector Lamp at Various Places

People use this Joretle projector lamp for film shooting (indoor), wall art works, photography, Christmas, Valentines’ day and on other festive occasions. There may be many other applications of such sunset projector lamps that totally depend on users’ requirements. The good thing is that it is an affordable product, which can be purchased at a low price from Amazon.

Joretle Sunset Projector Lamp Is Perfect for Dreamy Graphical Feel

You can use the Joretle projector lamp for romantic visual experience. It generates very soft light, which is perfect for photography and creating Vlogs. The artistic lamp can also be used for creating various sunset lighting environments to give you a feel of a romantic modern home.

The Projector Lamp Allows Four Modes to Choose From

The Joretle projector lamp has 4 modes such as Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth. You can easily choose a mode and color depending on your requirement using the provided remote control. With these 4 modes and 16 different colors, the projector lamp becomes a great devices for many photography needs. It is also used to change the lighting atmosphere according to your choice.

Highlights of Joretle Sunset Projector Lamp

  • Multi-color (16 colors)
  • USB port (USB charging)
  • Rotatable design
  • Remote control
  • Retractable tripod
  • High definition crystal lens
  • Cooling vent
  • Perfect for romantic visual experience
  • Four modes such as Flash, Fade, Strobe and smooth

Wide applications for parties, living room Valentine’s Day, friends gathering, birthday parties and photography

The highlights of Joretle projector lamp are written above. Please reach each point to know the product in detail. To me, it looks a good product at this price point. It has different colors, different projection modes and great adjustment capabilities.

Pros of Joretle Projector Night Light Lamp

  • Good for travelers as it is very easy to store.
  • Very good quality
  • Perfect for family camping trips
  • Bright and lovely colors
  • Creates nice ambiance
  • Remote-controllable too

The Joretle projector lamp has many pros that made it a good sunset projector lamp. It comes at an affordable price. The lamp is bright and has lovely colors. People use it to create nice ambiance. You can control it by using a remote controller.

Cons of Night Light Lamp

  • A little less durable but it is acceptable to many users.
  • The wash-basin feature does not work properly.
  • Some users experienced heating issues.

The product has some cons also. Please read cons that are mentioned here. I found three main cons on this product. These cons are related to heating, durability and wash-basin attributes.

Conclusion – Joretle Projector Lamp

In short, the Joretle projector lamp looks an average quality product. It comes at a low price so it is recommended to buy for all those lighting tasks that this projector lamp is capable to do. It has 16 RGB colors and 4 modes that you can use to create different atmospheres.

Images of Sunset Night Light Lamp

16 colors
16 colors, remote control flash, strobe, fade smo0th – 4 light change modes to create a romantic atmosphere of light and shadow
detail of sunset lamp
Detail of Sunset Lamp – Conversation with nature – HD crystal lens and super bright LEDs, 360° + 180° adjustable lighting angle, USB plug, On/Off button, 1.4mm charging cable, adjustable lamp height, detachable lamp and cooling vents
why choose us
Why Choose Us – Ours: 16 colors, Tripods more stable, Remote control. Others: only one color, Unstable, manual control
some of us
Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once ina while you find someone who’s indecent and when you do nothing will ever compare.
atmosphere light
Atmosphere Light – Party Light – Night Light – Photography


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