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  • Projector DIWUER Video Projectors 1800 Luminous 180″ LED Mini Movie Projector 1080P Full HD Portable Multimedia Projector for Home Cinema Theater Entertainment

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    DIWUER Video LED Mini Movie Projector has 1800 lumens LED light utilization efficiency that is approx. 30-percent brighter than ordinary video projectors. Of course, it is able to deliver the best quality picture in any projection environment. This Diwuer video projector can be the best choice for indoor and outdoor entertainment whether you want to watch movies or football games.

    Further, it has adjustable picture size from 28 inches to 120 inches. The projection distance is from 3.93 to 18 feet, 800 X 480P native resolution, 2200:1 contrast ratio. With all these specifications, you will be able to enjoy clear and crisp images with mini video projector.

    On the other hand, it comes with too many connectivity option. So, you can easily connect with DVD players, Fire Stick, Roku Stick, gaming consoles, personal computer, laptops, TV box and many other devices.

    Also, it has an innovative cooling system and noise suppression capability to reduce fan noise approx. 20 percent. Please make sure that this DIWUER min LED projector is made for home theater movies and video games in dark environment.

    This easy-to-use video projector from Diwuer carries 12 month warranty and friendly customer service. Of course, you will experience easy operation using projector buttons or remote control. It can be a perfect mini projector for tourism, camping and outdoor parties.

  • Yaufey LED Mini Home Portable Projector, with 2400 Lumens Support 16.77 Million Color Number, Projector Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Family Members Movie Night, White

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    Yaufey LED Mini Home Portable Projector is a high capacity video projector that delivers clearer image quality, good projection experience, many connection inputs and portable design.

    Amazingly, it has small and portable design that is lightweight too. So it provides great convenience to frequent travelers as you can take it to anywhere you go. Also, it is very easy when it comes to adjusting image quality using the keystone function. So it results in flexible display options and excellent color fidelity to make the images very bright. Whether you are projecting from your smartphone, iPad and other devices, this high grade picture will always deliver excellent picture quality.

    Since it allows multiple inputs, so you can convenient connect to any device you want. The supported inputs are HDMI input, USB, SD, VGA, AV and 3.5 mm audio output. You can use Yaufey LED Mini Home Portable Projector for your high grade home entertainment requirement. And you can easily connect it with Xbox, PS3, TV box, computers, and laptops. Using the audio port, you can connect to headset or external speakers and use AV port to connect with DVD or VCD.

    Further, Yaufey LED projector provides great projection experience. The optimum projection distance is from 7 feet to 12 feet and the best projection size is from 60 inches to 120 inches. This high grade and latest projector is powered by latest LED source technology to deliver the best user experience. Of course, this Yaufey projector will not hurt your eyes unlike television and cell phones.

    This projector delivers amazing picture quality as it has 2000:1 contrast ratio, 800 X 480 pixels original resolution and 16.77 million supported colors. Also, it allows manual keystone correction so that you can easily correct the trapezoidal distortion and to receive the best viewing experience at any angle. You can also adjust the lens wit image focus button to get a super clear effect.

  • Projector, DBPOWER T22 Upgraded 2400 Lumens LCD Mini Portable Projector Support 1080P TV Laptop SD XBOX Amazon Fire TV Stick iPad iPhone Android Smartphone with HDMI Cable for Multimedia Home Theater-

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    DBPOWER T22 Upgraded 2400 Lumens LCD Mini Portable Projector delivers brigher image as it has 2400 lumen and 2000:1 contrast ratio. DBPower claims that T22 projector model is 70% brighter than ordinary LED projectors.

    Amazingly, it has 3D functions so it can be a great movie projector for home entertainment for playing video games, watching movies and viewing images.

    Further, DBPOWER T22 Upgraded 2400 Lumens LCD Mini Portable Projector has great adjustability capacity when it comes to projection size, the projection size is from thirty inch to 176 inches with 1.1 to 5 meters projection distance.

    This T22 2400 lumens DBpower projector is perfect for use in both big and small rooms.

    Also, it carries latest speaker system that results in 50% louder sound than others. Of course, you will not require extra speakers in normal size rooms. Also, it has long lamp life of approx. 50000 hours, that means it can last for years.

    DBPOWER T22 LCD Mini Portable Projector allows multiple inputs including USB, HDMI, SD, AV and VGA, and it also works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones, personal computer, gaming consoles and so on.

    This high quality DBpower T22 projector is also supported with 3 years of warranty with professional customer service and technical support. However, this T22 projector is not recommended for PPT or business presentations.

  • Meer YG300 Portable Mini Pico Full Color LED LCD Projector for Children Present, Video TV Movie, Party Game, Outdoor Entertainment with HDMI USB AV Interfaces and Remote Control

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    Meer YG300 Portable LCD Projector carries latest LED light source that is good for saving energy and protecting eyes. It has more than 20,000 hours of lamp life and it delivers 24 to 60 inches projection size with 0.8 to 2m projection distance.

    This Meer YG300 mini projector has a cute design, so it can be said that the projector has good combination of art and technology.

    Further, Meer YG300 can give you convenient experience as it can easily be charged with 5V-2A power bank. This high quality Meer video projector measures just 4.7 X 3.4 X 1.9 inches and weighs just 0.29KG. Of course, latest mechanism has been used to reduce weight and size of this video projector that is convenient and has plenty of advanced options for all your easy projection needs.

    Amazingly, Meer YG300 Portable Mini Pico Full Color LED LCD Projector carries one year of warranty and professional customer service support.

  • 2016 Black Friday Projector, Lary intel LED Video Projector Home Projector with Free HDMI Support 1080P for Home Cinema Theater AV TV VGA USB HDMI Laptop Game SD iPad iPhone Android Smartphone-White

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    Lary intel LED Video Projector comes with an HDMI dongle that is good for connecting with your smartphone and iPads that support MHL function. With such capabilities, it can be a perfect video projector for home cinema.

    This Lary Intel Led projector has latest fan sound and system as it has advanced cooling system with heat removal capability, on the other hand, the fan sound can be minimized to half with noise suppression as well.

    Lary intel LED Video Projector is 20% brighter than ordinary LED projectors, which is perfect for home entertainment in dark environment. Please make sure that is not recommended for data presentations such as PDF, TXT and Excel files.

  • Nilight 2.5″ Mini HID Bixenon Projector Lens for H1 Bulb Car Gift:chrome Shround

    Nilight 2.5″ Mini HID Bixenon Projector Lens for H1 Bulb Car Gift can easily fit in tight spaces for quad retrofits or fog lamp upgrade. It also has brand new mini bi-xenon projector lens. Further, it has installation accessories such as lock rings, H7/H4 adapter plates, rubber crush washers etc. Further, it has 2.5 inches clear lens in mint for condition. Read more…

  • myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector, Auto-Off Timer, Includes Picture Disks, Projection, Plays 6 Sounds and Lullabies, Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, Rock-A-Bye Baby, MYB-S300

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    MyBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector plays three soothing sounds such as heartbeat, rain and ocean and it is made of high grade plastic material.

    It also plays 3 lullabies such as twinkle twinkle little star, roack-a-bye baby, Brahms’s cradle song. MYB-S300 is a high quality rotating picture projector that comes with 3 image disks and can project on wall or ceiling as well.

    Of course, it will create a good environment for babies to sleep soundly. You are able to choose from size soothing sounds including heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook.

  • Mini Pocket Projector Portable Video Projector ULBRE YG 300 Multimedia Home Cinema 1080P HD with USB/SD/AV/HDMI for TV/Movie/Game

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    ULBRE YG 300 mini pocket projector has high efficiency. It has 320 * 240 native resolution, 600 lumen with LED light source, 800:1 contrast ratio. Further, it greatly supports multimedia files such as mp3, ogg, aag, ape, wma, wav, flac and image files such as png, bmp and jpeg. Also, this Ulbrey YG mini projector removes the limitations imposed by screen size so you can rediscover mobile media.

    On the other hand, it has wide compatibilities because it offers many multimedia inputs including hdmi, usb, sd and av to connect with popular devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, dvd players and gaming consoles.

    Further, it comes with a remote control to navigate through menu options and you can use buttons on this Ulbre projector as well.

  • Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White

    Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White

    Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System comes with ten different sounds and three projection cartridges such as sleepy sky, soothing sea and calming rainforest. These 3 sounds and cartridges can easily be stored behind unit when not in use.

    Amazingly, the projector lens of Munchkin nursery projector rotates to project pictures onto the wall or ceiling.

    On the other hand, it has timer feature that has automatic shut-off capability and 15,30,60 minutes of regular play. Read more…





  • Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector, Home Theater LCD HD Movie Video Projectors Support 1080P TV HDMI Outdoor Indoor Movie Night, DVD Player, Smartphone, Laptop, Games (Black)

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    Meyoung TC80 LED Mini Projector can be an awesome device for home entertainment. It is perfect for establishing a connection to an HDMI-enabled device. Concequently, you can easily connect this Meyoung TC80 mini projector with your personal computer, laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD players and many other devices. Please make sure that this Meyoung home cinema projector is not recommended for PowerPoint presentation.

    Amazingly, this high grade Meyoung TC80 LED projector works with USB Flash Drive, SD cards, Mobile Phones, Mobile HDD to play music and videos. Also, it comes with an integrated loud speaker amplifier as well.

    Important specifications of Meyoung TC80 mini video projector are 800 X 400 pixels native resolution, 1200 luminous efficiency, 50-inch to 130-inch throw screen range, 4.9M to ~13.12M throw distance, 1:4.1 throw ratio, 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio.

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