USSUNNY 5G Projector: WiFi Bluetooth 12500L 500 ANSI 1080P

USSUNNY may be unfamiliar to you because it is not very popular as a projector brand but it has introduced a good projector. In the USSUNNY 5G projector review, I will try to cover most of its features and unique characteristics.

For an overview, let me tell you that it has good brightness numbers and good picture and sound adjustment capabilities.

Please read the bellow written headings, paragraphs and lists to understand this WiFi projector in details.

ussunny 5g projector review - bluetooth wireless home cinema

1080P Native Resolution, 500 ANSI Brightness and 3rd Generation Optical Glass

500 ANSI Brightness & 1080P Resolution – it has 500 ANSI brightness which can be translated into 12500 lumens brightness. Which is good for playing videos and other multimedia content in dark or daylight room.

The Ussunny movie projector has 1920 x 1080 pixels HD resolution and 15,000:1 contrast ratio. Therefore, the Ussunny C50 projector is capable to give good clarity pictures in various lighting environments. In this video projector, you can play 4K videos from your phones, laptops etc.

1920 x 1080p full hd resolution
1920 x 1080P High-Resolution – See New Worlds in Vivid Detail – USSUNNY 12500 Lumens or 500 ANSI Brightness

The projection device can also be linked with a TV stick to watch some of the restricted channels such as Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime etc.

Advanced Optical Lens – from this optical lens, users will not complain of blurring edges and other picture issues. Yes, the Ussunny projector uses third generation optical lens which produces crisp and stunning images without the blurring effects on the screen corners.

Multiple Connection Ports – the Ussunny home theater features connection ports such as HDMI, USB, AV and 3.5MM audio output. More importantly, the projector comes with wireless and wired connection features.

Therefore, you will not have any connection restriction. You can connect this projector with your preferred electronics like TV sticks, MacBooks, Smartphones, personal computer, laptops, Blu-ray disc players, PS3, PS4, gaming machines and may be other entertainment devices.

Wireless Connection & Picture Adjustment Capabilities

2.4G & 5G WIFI Connection – according to the Ussunny 5G projector review, users can experience stable WiFi connection. The WiFi connection has high data transmission speed and a long coverage.

Of course, the dual-band WiFi projector is preferred over the single-band WiFi projector. More importantly, the home theater comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connection. You can use the Bluetooth option to connect with an external speaker, smartphones and other devices with the Bluetooth functionalities.

ussunny 5g projector 5g wireless wifi ultra fast home theater
5G + 2.4G Ultra Fast Wireless Connection

4D / 4P Keystone Correction – for the picture size adjustment, the 5G movie projector comes with 4D / 4P keystone correction feature. With the help of this feature, user can adjust the picture in vertical or horizontal shape at 50° angles. Therefore, the users are able to watch from any angle as per their convenience.

100% to 50% ZOOM function – the Ussunny projector comes with a ZOOM function also. Therefore, the users are able to reduce the picture size up to 50%. And for this, they do not need to touch or move the projector.  Apart from the impressive ZOOM function, the projector comes with 360° flip function. Therefore, you will be able to flip the projector in any side. And for your installation convenience, it supports front, rear and celling projection.

4d 4p digital keystone correction ussunny projector
4D & 4P Digital Keystone Correction – Watch From Almost Every Angle

Warranty and Presentation via USB

The warranty related things are impressive in this Usssunny 5G projector. According to the product description, the wireless projector is protected with a 6-month money back warranty, 3-year repair warranty and lifetime reliable technical support.

The Ussunny C50 projector can projector office files such as Excel, Word, PDF, TXT via a USB stick. Therefore, you do not have to go through the hassle of connection complications. The 5G projector is very good for making a mobile conference very efficiently. You only find such USB presentation capability in this projector while other projectors need a device connection.

usb presentation
Business presentation directly via USB – No need to connect the computer to display PPT, Excel, Word, PDF file.

Key Features & Specifications

  • 500 ANSI Brightness
  • 4K Support
  • 5G WIFI
  • 300-Inch Large Screen
  • 4D & 4P Keystone Correction
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Native 1920 x 1080P Resolution
  • C50 Model Number
  • Ussunny Brand Name
  • Upgraded 1080P Optical Glass
  • 5G & 2.4G WIFi Connection
  • 100% to 50% ZOOM Function
  • 300 Inches Maximum Screen Size
  • 91% Color Gamut

You can give a look at the key features and specifications mentioned above. The Ussunny C50 projector has many good features like 5G WiFi, 4K supported resolution, 1080P native resolution, advanced 1080P optical glass, 100% to 50% ZOOM function and 300 inches maximum screen size.

50 to 300 inches large screen size
50 to 300 Inches Gigantic Screen Size – Digital Zoom 50% Function


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with all the required accessories
  • User friendly UI
  • Clear pictures without any delays
  • Easy smartphone mirroring capability and options
  • Users are able to adjust the ZOOM and tilt of the screen
  • Comes with a built-in speaker; it can also be connected with an external speaker
  • Clear and good sound
  • You may not need a projector screen; you can project directly on a wall and receive clear picture.
  • Shipped to you well packaged
  • Good price


  • Ussunny projector brand is not very popular.
  • Made in China

The pros and cons of Ussunny projector are here. Please read each point carefully. I am sure only reading the pros and cons will remove your doubts and answer your questions. According to the Ussunny 5g projector review, this projection device looks awesome to me. It has all the capabilities to produce clear pictures and sound. It has minor cons that can be ignored because they are not related to the overall performance of this home theater.

Ussunny 5G Projector Review – Conclusion

At the end, I will say it is one of the best movie projectors that comes at a good price. I am able to see that it is full of rich features. Consequently, the projector is very proficient to deliver good audios and visuals.

The key features such as 500 ANSI brightness, 4D keystone correction, built-in audio and multiple mounting options are very helpful to deliver the desired outcome.

From my side, the Ussunny projector is highly recommended to buy but you should not believe me. You should research more on this. If everything convinces you then buy it.

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