LiteBee Projector Screen Foldable with Stand 100 Inch Movie Screens HD 4K

A projector screen is very helpful to deliver clear pictures to its viewer. In case, you want to buy one, please check LiteBee Projector Screen. It has good specifications and features. On the other hand, it comes from a reputed LiteBee brand.

Some important facts about this projector screen are 100-inch size, HD 4K display, dual sided display, portability and perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

This product is made of stainless steel and aluminum material so it is very durable, will last for a long time without any doubts. It supports 160° view angles and weighs just 6 pounds.

Projector Screen Foldable with Stand - 100 Inch Movie Screens HD 4K Double Sided Projection Screen Portable Projections Screen Indoor Outdoor for Home Theater Backyard Cinema Travel
LiteBee Foldable Projector Screen – 100 Inches Display Size – Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Easy to Use and Lightweight Projector Screen

Users are happy with this projector screen because it is lightweight, portable and very easy to use. It comes with a carrying case also. The LiteBee Projector Screen weighs just 6lb including the carry bag. You can easily go with this lightweight display product anywhere you want to go and enjoy your moments.

As mentioned above, it is very easy to use. As easy that it can be put on one hand and then carry it. Or hang the carrying case on your shoulder and go with it. You can easily put it in your car box and enjoy watching HD 4K content. People use the LiteBee projector screen to watch TV shows, movies with their family on a trip or in camping.

The 4K display helper has a wide range of applications. It can be used indoor or outdoor according to your requirements. The good thing is that the projector screen is compatible with various type of projectors such as LCD, DLP, and LED and may be some others.

You can use it in your backyard, classroom, offices, homes, schools, parties, festive occasions and many others. Therefore, now is the time to watch movies, play games and entertain yourself with HD content on to a large 100-inch screen.

LiteBee Projector Screen Comes with a Stand Too

You do not have to buy a stand separately. A high quality screen comes included with this product. Additionally, you will not complain about the display size as it comes with 100-inch display size, which is considered a good screen size.

The 4K projector screen is designed to give you clear and vivid pictures because it is made of superior-quality material. Of course, you will enjoy color-rich content and great cinematic scenes from any sides and any angles.

Capable and Effortless Setup

The folding-style compact display screen features stainless steel borders to achieve greatest level of stability. For this, you do not have to use any complex tools. However, you need to spend at least 10 minutes to install this unit very well. The LiteBee projector screen is installed tightly to get rid of any looseness and other similar effects. The product comes with all the required installation accessories such as multiple steel stakes, water bags. You can use this display unit in your lawn, you have to fix it in the holes of the basements in the lawn. Of course, it will not get affected from windy weather and other similar environmental touches.

Prime Features of LiteBee Portable Projector Screen

  • 100-Inch screen size
  • Foldable design
  • Dual-sided projection
  • 4K HD support
  • Stainless steel and aluminum materials
  • 160° angles
  • 6 pound weights
  • Wrinkle free polyester screen
  • Hassle-free installations
  • Compatible with DLP, LED and LCD projectors
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Highly stable
  • HD picture quality
  • Washable screen
  • Windproof nail and rope
  • LiteBee popular projector screen brand

You can see that this product has good specifications. So, it is highly recommended to buy. Users get HD quality picture from this projector screen. It works with popular projector types like DLP, LCD, LED. You will not get any issues for the installations as it is very easy to install.

Pros – Portable Screen with a Carry Bag

  • Very good portable projector screen with a carry bag
  • It takes just 5 minutes to setup.
  • Good image quality
  • Durable
  • The price is very good.
  • It has a compact size when folded.
  • Simple to use and install, decent quality
  • Made of high-quality material

From the list of pros, the LiteBee projector screen looks very fine. It has all the attributes that are found in a good quality screen. High-grade materials have been used to make this display screen. The product can be folded into a small size for the convenient installation.

Cons – HD 4K Projector Screen with Stand

  • It has creases but they does not appear when you start watching the content on it.
  • The installation instruction is not very clear.

It is a fact that every good product has some cons. This product is not exclusive from the fact. The two cones are mentioned above, which are related to creases on the screen and complex installation instructions.

Conclusion – LiteBee Portable Projector Screen

In short, the LiteBee projector screen looks and performs very well. The product is made of high quality materials to last for a long time. It comes at an appropriate price. From my side, it is highly recommended to buy. You can see that the LiteBee portable projector screen comes with many benefits that are mentioned above.

LiteBee Images

front rear projection
Support Front Rear Projection – All Kinds of projectors will work
lilightweight and portable
Lightweight and Portable: it is easy and portable to travel where you want to go.
ultra wide
160° Ultra-Wide-Angle Viewing Experience
wrinkle free
Wrinkle Free Polyester Screen – Flexible, Safe and Smooth without Traces and No Crease After Folded – Rinsing, Wring out and fold, No trace, no crease
stable presentation
Incredibly Stable Presentation: Windproof Nail, Windproof Rope, 90-degree bend, Weight Bag
our screen - other screen
OUR SCREEN – Minimum transparency for front and rear projection – Natural, clear and vivid colors – No crease after light stretching. OTHERS – Other thin screen very transparent see through screen – Blurry image and fading colors – Thin, wrinkly and flimsy fabric


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