AZXRHWYGS 16 Feet Inflatable Movie Screen Outdoor Blow Up Projector Screen

In case, you want to buy a flexible and durable projector screen, please check AZXRHWYGS projector screen. The versatile screen is perfect for front and rear projection. It comes included with a carry bag.

The inflatable projector screen is very good for clear pictures on both sides like front and rear. As soon as, you have this projector screen, you will start enjoying your moments with your friends and family. This projector screen comes with 160° wide viewing angle, 16:9 screen ratio and high color reduction.

According to the manufacturer, the projector screen will not look crowded. You can watch with your friends, neighbor and family. You can even put the projector on the opposite side and you do not have to worry of people walking around will affect the movie.

AZXRHWYGS dual sided projector screen movie screen inflatable

 AZXRHWYGS Inflatable Projector Screen Is Made of Durable Material

The AZXRHWYGS projector screen is made of high quality polyester materials. From this projector screen, you can expect flexibility and smoothness without any doubts. Further, the screen will not give you any kind of traces and crease when folded.

Front & Rear Projector Screen Is Easy to Install

This projector screen comes with all the important accessories so that you will not face any difficulties for the installation. It comes with mounting frame (free standing style), yard stakes, tethers, an air blower (180watt) and 210D Oxford bag. With all these tools, the setup can be easy. In case, you have just purchased this projector screen, now is the time to test it. Please setup and configure your loudspeakers for the big event.

Various applications – according to the maker, the projector screen is very useful for most of the outdoor applications.  With this screen, you can receive the highest level of satisfaction, mainly for the outdoor projection needs.  It is highly suitable for backyard movies, commercial presentations, home theaters, education, gaming and much more. Further, this projector screen is supported with one-year manufacturer warranty. Therefore, if you encounter any problems, please call the manufacture for a refund or replacement.

AZXRHWYGS Projector Screen Inflated Fast

As mentioned earlier, this projector screen comes included with an 180W blower. The 110V 180W blower can blow up the screen within two minutes. According to the manufacturer’s advice, the users need to keep it plugged in and inflated when using. At the time of inflating this projector screen, please do not forget to zip up the zipper. You will not have any issues from the blower because it is hardly noticeable. As soon as, you started the projector, you will have immersive movie-watching experience.

160° Wide Viewing Angle – you can see this projector screen has 160-degree viewing angle therefore you do not need to sit directly in front of the screen. You will receive clear images and vivid color without any doubts.

Installation Steps

  • Lay out the frame, close deflation zipper and attach to the blower.
  • Plug in and turn on the blower, inflate in two minutes
  • Attach the white screen to the black frame
  • Let it stand up, attach the wind cord.
  • Just open the zipper to deflate.
  • You can see the installation steps. It is very easy to install. It is like plug and play.

Main Features and Specifications

  • Front and rear projection
  • High color reduction
  • Stable and durable
  • Quick inflation
  • Crease free and washable
  • Easy to setup
  • 16 feet inflatable movie screen for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Package includes an inflatable frame, a white screen, a blower (180W), a storage bag, 4 nylon tethers, 4 tether stakes and 8 base stakes.
  • Dimensions: 10.4ft x 12.4ft x 3.9ft
  • 160° wide viewing angle
  • Easy to setup within two minutes
  • Perfect for watching matches, playing games, parties and movie night

Important facts on AZXRHWYGS projector screen have been mentioned above. You can see it is inflated quickly. The screen is easy to setup and it supports 160-degree wide viewing area.

projector screen play games watch movies

Pros of Durable Screen

  • Easy to install
  • Impressive picture
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very good quality
  • Silent pump
  • No heating issues
  • It comes included with all the accessories.
  • Good size

All the pros of AZXRHWYGS inflatable projector screen are mentioned above. You can see it is very easy to install. It comes in a good size. The pump runs silently and it does not have any heating issues.

Cons of Inflatable Screen

  • Some users did not like the placement of blower at the base.

I managed to find just one drawback on this product. This drawback is related to the placement of the blower, which was not liked by some users on Amazon.

Conclusion – Projector Screen (Front & Rear)

At the end, AZXRHWYGS projector screen looks impressive from all angles. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy. The inflatable screen comes in a good size. It is very easy to setup and use. The good thing is that it offers dual-sided projection. So, you will be able to project on front as well as rear sides as per your choice.

Images of AZXRHWYGS Movie Screen

AZXRHWYGS dual sided projector screen movie screen inflatable
10.4 x 5.6 x 12.4 feet – Warning Tips: the blower must always be on and connected to the frame to keep it inflated. Once the blower is turned off, the movie screen will slowly collapse.
Watch movie – Play games – Movie night – Party
projector screen ours and others
Ours: natural, clear and vivid colors; 2.5 thicker durable screen, support front & rear projection; no crease after light stretching & washable. Others: blurry image and fading colors; thin and poor quality screen, some only support front projection; wrinkly and flimsy fabric & PVC materials is not washable.
front and rear projection
Front or Rear Projection – 8K 4K 3D 2D Support – 16:9 Aspect Ratio – 160° Wide Viewing Angle
Projector Screen Comes Included With
In Your Box: 210D inflatable frame – Removable white screen – 110V 180W Blower – Storage bag – 13 feet nylon tethers – Four tether stakes – 8 x base stakes



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