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  • Best Budget Projector: Tenker Q5 vs Epson VS250 vs ViviBright GP100

    Buying the best budget projector requires lots of research work. I have done the research work for you by finding affordable projectors that come with impressive features and the best performance. These projectors come from the popular brands such as Tenker, Vankyo, Epson and ViviBright.

    Best Budget Projector: Tenker Q5 LED Mini Movie Projector

    best budget projector - Tenker Q5If you are looking for the best budget projector, you can check Tenker Q5. Because this projector falls under $100 price tag, and comes with impressive functions and capabilities. The look of this LED mini projector is impressive, and I’m sure you will like the look of this projector. Not only does it come with impressive look, but also it delivers impressive performance, and it has gotten impressive reviews on many shopping websites. As far as brightness is concerned, it comes with 1500 lumens brightness that makes it brighter and sharper than other projectors in the same category. With such level of brightness, the Tenker mini projector can be the best affordable home entertainment projector without any doubts. However, Tenker Q5 is not recommended for PPT or business presentations.

    Having seen the small size of this projector, you can’t ignore it! Because Tenker Q5 boasts a large projection size to give you an unbelievable theater experience in your home. 35-inch to 100-inch screen size from 1.15-meter to 3-meter projection distance is really a good capability in this mini home theater projector.
    Connection compatibility: you will be able to connect various devices such as laptops, personal computers, gaming machines, USB drives and mobile devices.

    When it comes to minimized fan noise, the Tenker Q5 projector is good at reducing the fan noise. Because it is powered by an innovative cooling system that has a good heat dispersion capability. And, it carries impressive noise suppression technology that is able to reduce approx. 50% fan noise.
    Since this is a performance-oriented and quality product so the manufacturer is too confident towards warranty attached to the projector. Tenker Q5 projector comes with a 3-year of warranty with impressive customer service and technical support. Read more…

    Best Budget Projector: VANKYO LEISURE 3 LED Mini Portable Projector

    the best budget projector from VankyoHighlights of Vankyo Leisure 3 LED mini portable projector are 1800 lumens brightness, 170-inch display, 1080p support and various connection interfaces to connect with various devices. Amazingly, it can also be purchased under $100 so it can be the best budget projector without any doubts. 32-inch to 176-inch viewing size of Vankyo Leisure 3 LED mini projector from 4.9 feet to 16 feet makes it the best home theater projector. It is perfect for home theater, videos, photo sharing, TV series and football matches. No problems, if you are a gaming enthusiast because the projector can easily be connected with many gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, X-box or Wii.

    If you are concerned of the look of this Vankyo Leisure projector then it will surely not disappoint you. Because it has gotten a stylish design that will surely match modern test. It is a small and compact Tenker projector, which weighs just 2.1 lbs and measures 7.9 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches.

    To carry this projector, you also get a bag that comes included with this projector. You can use this bag to carry this projector anywhere you go.

    Amazingly, the Vankyo projector is powered by an innovative cooling system that has a good heat dispersion capability. It also comes with noise suppression technology that cuts fan sound in half.

    To make sure you are investing your hard-earned money in a good product, the manufacturer provides 3-year 100-percent money back guarantee and professional customer service and technical support. Read more…

    Best Budget Projector: Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens color brightness HDMI 3LCD projector

    A big brand also makes affordable projectors because price of a product plays very important role in a business. If you are looking for an affordable projector from a popular brand such as Epson, you can check Epson VS250. It is the best budget projector that comes with impressive features and capabilities.

    Epson VS250 affordable home theaterThe main highlight of Epson VS250 is the brightness level. It comes with 3200 lumens of brightness that is good for watching multimedia content in a daylight environment. The projector will surely provide accurate and vivid color in a room with light on. That’s where the 3200 lumens brightness acts for.

    On the other hand, it comes with 800 x 600 SVGA resolution that makes it perfect for the daily presentations.
    Since Epson VS250 comes with convenient control and good image adjustments capability so it is fast and easy to setup. You just need to press the power button and start enjoying your preferred multimedia content.

    The 3200 lumens brightness projector works with latest devices such as laptops and media players using the HDMI interface. HDMI is known as the standard input for the reliable connectivity.

    When it comes to color accuracy, it will surely provide remarkable color accuracy without any doubts. Because it has up to 3 times higher color brightness and up to 3 times wider color gamut over DLP projectors.

    With above mentioned features, functions and capabilities Epson VS250 can be the best budget projector that has good popularity on the internet. It has earned impressive reviews and ratings from the users who are already using it. Read more…

    Best Budget Projector: VIVIBRIGHT GP100

    ViviBright is another big name in the projector world. The performance of ViviBright projectors is not bad. They come with impressive features and capabilities that will surely impress you, even under your budget.

    If you are looking for the best budget projector from a well-known brand, you can check ViviBright GP100 video projector. This is a 1080p full HD projector with 3500 LMS LED light output brightness.

    VIVIBRIGHT GP100 LOW PRICE HOME CINEMAThose people who are using a ViviBright projector, they don’t get disappointed from the performance the projector delivers to them. Since VIVIBRIGHT GP100 is the best budget projector so it is suitable for approx. 97-percent middle-income families without any doubts. Also, it is perfect for home cinema. Because it delivers 100-inch cinema-like viewing size, the max viewing size supported is 180-inch from 2.8m distance.

    On the other hand, the 3500 LMS brightness with 380 lux color brightness is really very impressive. It will surely deliver high quality and clear picture. It has 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution that offers approx. three times more resolution than SVGA (800 x 480) for the HD image content.

    Since VIVIBRIGHT GP100 is able to deliver wider screen size so it is perfect for a large family. It has impressive optical efficiency because of the high power of LED light source it carries. Also, it has great noise suppression capability that will surely minimize the fan noise for the undisturbed entertainment at home. Read more…

    Above mentioned four video projectors such as Tenker Q5, Vankyo Leisure, Epson VS250 and ViviBright GP100 are the best budget projectors. Because they have impressive features, capabilities and prices. Most importantly, there are too many happy users according to the positive reviews provided by them on various shopping websites.

  • Best Pocket Projector from ArtLii, PTVDisplay and AAXA Technologies

    There are various top brands that make best pocket projector. I have selected top three projectors that can be the best pocket projectors according to the performance, size and features they carry. These top three projectors are from ArtLii, PTVDisplay and AAXA Technologies.

    Best Pico Projector – Artlii Mini Pocket Projector

    best pocket projector - artliiArtlii is a popular brand for many high performance pocket projectors. If you are looking for an impressive pocket projector, you can check Artlii iPhone pocket projector, which is perfect for home cinema and video party. The Artlii projector is compact and lightweight that weighs just 0.28-kg and measures 12.5 x 8.6 x 4.7 centimeters. According to the mentioned measurement, it is a pretty small projector so you can easily carry it in your pocket, backpack anywhere you go. Further, it can be powered using a power bank too. That means the Artlii mini home cinema projector is a great companion of travelers. Further, when it comes to connectivity, it is compatible with numerous devices because it comes with multiple interfaces such as USB, HDMI, AV and SD. No matters, if you want to connect this projector with your preferred devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets, you can easily establish a reliable connection with your preferred devices. If you are looking for a small projector for home entertainment then this Artlii projector can be the good device for you. Because it is extremely suitable for home entertainment. You will be able to entertain yourself with video games, TV shows on a large screen of approx. 1.5M from 3.8m distance. Amazingly, the projector is also protected with a 3-year warranty with 100% full refund if you are not satisfied with the result it delivers to you. Read more…

    PTVDISPLAY Smart 1080P Pocket Mini Projector

    PTVDisplay Mini Video ProjectorPTVDISPLAY smart mini projector is the best pocket projector because it is made in a small size and it delivers impressive performance. The smart projector is brighter than ordinary LED projectors because it uses DLP 0.3 DMD technology with advanced multi-color processing. It carries OSRM LED lamps with 30000 hours of lifespan. Further, it is powered by Android Operating system and has good wireless features to connect with your desired devices. Also, it comes with HDMI input that is perfect to connect with laptop, game machines, TV boxes, and it supports external Bluetooth speakers. Amazingly, PTVDISPLAY Smart Pocket Mini Projector can be operated by a mouse or keyboard also. The contrast ratio is 1000:1 with 100 ANSI lumens brightness. The best pocket projector is made in a palm size that measures 14.7 x 8 x 1.8 centimeter and weighs just 248 grams. The smart projector is perfect for home entertainment and you can easily carry it anywhere you go. Read more…

    AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector

    Best AAXA Pocket ProjectorAAXA Technologies KP-101-01 LED projector carries a small size and impressive performance, which make it the best pocket projector. This portable AAXA LED projector uses vibrant color technology, and comes with 960 x 540 qHD native resolution. It has built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that makes it an ultra-portable projector. AAXA LED pocket projector is able to deliver up to 60 inch image in dark-light environment, and it is the perfect device for personal media sharing with friends and family. Because it comes with USB Plug & Play, which is very easy to setup, and compatible with Apple Mac and Personal Computer. Other important features of KP-101-01 projector are built-in speakers, 16:9 compatible, mini HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, composite AV connections and Micro SD as well. Read more…

  • Best Projector Under 500 USD: ViewSonic, Epson and BenQ

    There are a wide range of projectors and they sell at different prices from few dollars to thousands of dollars. If you are looking for best projector under 500 USD then you can easily get high grade projectors in this budget. Further, there are various projector brands but most of them are not trusted brands, may be they are new to the market or their projectors’ quality doesn’t impress the users.

    I have done extensive research work to find best projector under 500 USD. For this, I had to go through many popular electronic device forums, blogs and shopping website to know what real users are say about the projectors that fall under $500 price tag.

    ViewSonic, Epson and BenQ are the projector brands that are undoubtedly very popular for making impressive portable video projectors. I have tried to find best projectors from the above mentioned popular brand to make sure you never compromise on the quality.

    There are three best projectors under 500 USD budget:

    ViewSonic PA503W 3600 Lumens WXGA HDMI Projector

    Impressive things about ViewSonic PA503W are versatility, larger projection size, longer life of lamp and flexible connectivity.

    ViewSonic PA503W 3600 Lumens ProjectorYou will see cutting-edge visual features in PA513W. And it is perfect for use in small businesses and education environments. As mentioned above, it delivers big screen projection of 120 inches from 15 feet 8-inch projection distance. Further, this HDMI ViewSonic projector has 3600 lumens brightness, which is perfect for day-light environment.

    Since ViewSonic Projector has SuperEco Mode that gives a long life to the lamp. Because the lamp will shine bright for up to 15,000 hours with SuperEco Mode.

    When it comes to flexible connectivity, ViewSonic PA513W is perfect for such requirements. Because it is compatible with various media players, personal computers and Mac/mobile devices. Also, it allows widely used inputs such as HDMI, VGA and many others.

    Other impressing thing of ViewSonic 3000 lumens projector is 3-year of warranty. The three years limited warranty is on parts and labor. The lamp warranty is of one year. And you have full access to US-based customer service team if you got any problems or questions.

    With above mentioned features and capability, ViewSonic PA513W is the best projector under 500 USD budget. Read more…

    Epson VS355 WXGA 3,300 lumens 3LCD projector

    Best Projector Under 500 - Epson VS355Since the budget is 500 USD so Epson FS355 is the best projector under 500 USD budget. Because it comes with impressive features and capabilities that make it deliver the best performance. It comes with 3300 lumens of brightness, which is perfect for accurate, vivid color even in well-lit rooms.

    Further, the WXGA resolution is 1280 x 800 that is considered two times more resolution than SVGA for HD video projection. With such resolution capability, Epson FS355 is perfect for large-screen laptops.

    When it comes to color accuracy, it delivers remarkable color accuracy without any doubts. Because it has up to three times higher color brightness and up to three times wider color gamut compared to a DLP projector.
    Amazingly, it allows easy image adjustments and control so it will not take much time for the projection from the time it is started. Since this is an Epson projector so it carries the capability of fast and easy setup.

    No questions should arise when it comes to various device compatibility. It is compatible with newest models of laptops and media players. And it comes with HDMI input, which is widely used connectivity option to connect various devices. Read more…

    BenQ DLP Video Projector – WXGA Display 3300 Lumens 15 000: 1 Projector

    BenQ DLP Video ProjectorSince BenQ DLP Video Projector comes with 3300 lumens brightness so it is a good projector for daylight projection environment. It has good image performance because of the brightness level it carries, and it will surely deliver impressive presentations surpassing your expectations.

    Further, it has 15,000:1 contrast ratio so it is able to catch every detail without any doubts. On the other hand, a good capacity of native contrast ratio is perfect for crisp readability.

    Like other high capacity projectors, it also carries the capacity that will surely not disappoint you from the performance it delivers.

    When it comes to connectivity, BenQ DLP Video Projector offers dual HDMI inputs, which are perfect for connecting with multiple devices. Also, it is an eco-friendly BenQ projector that requires low total cost of ownership.

    The noise level is 32/29 dBA in normal or economical mode, which delivers silent operation without any doubts. And it must be included in the best projector under 500 USD if you are a budget conscious person like me. Read more…

  • The Best iRulu Projector: iRulu BL20 Mini Video Projector

    When it comes to the most popular video projector brands then many projector brands come into the mind. These best projector brands are Optoma, CiBest, Epson, BenQ, iRulu, ViewSonic and many others. Since the topic is “The Best iRulu Projector” so I will discuss mainly on the best iRulu video projector, which is now available on the market.
    A common problem I encounter in finding the best product within a niche is “users’ reviews” on popular shopping websites. People think that a 5-star product can be the best product but there are many things that make a product the best product apart from the users’ reviews.

    If I describe deeply into a user’s review then I find that the user gives review based on the performance he/she received from a particular product. But in reality, it is not so! A user may give negative review even he/she is not able to understand the feature. The user think the product is not functioning well, but the fact is he/she doesn’t know how to operate the particular device.

    Since the topic is about the facts that make iRulu BL20 the best iRulu projector so I will discuss more on the features, performance, price, ease-of-use of this video projector.

    iRulu BL20 Mini Video ProjectorIRULU B20 carries the latest projection technology on the market. It comes with 5-inch LCD TFT LCD panel that provides the greatest convenience to operate this device. When it comes to operating modes, it supports both manual and remote control to give the users required flexibility in terms of operating the device. Based on your preferences, you can operate iRulu B20 manually or by using the provided remote control.

    Inputs: it supports various inputs so that you can easily establish a secure connection between your devices and the iRulu projector. The supported inputs are double USB ports, double HDMI ports, DTV/AV/YPBPR/VGA ports and audio input also. Using the above widely used inputs, you can easily connect devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, computers and other devices.

    The projection distance supported is from 1.2 meters to 6 meters, which can be impressive. Because it provides good flexibility to project pictures from 1.2 meters to 6 meters. And the aspect ratio is 4:3 / 16:9 that is standard for high quality projection.

    Since iRulu BL20 comes at a low price with all required features and accessories so it is the best iRulu projector in its category.

    Other important features of iRulu BL20 mini video projector are:

    • 32-inch to 200-inch projection screen size
    • 16.7K Color
    • 1080P support resolution
    • Built-in speaker
    • 5-inch LCD TFT LCD panel
    • Manual or remote control operating mode
    • One year of warranty

    I am unable to mention the exact price of this projector because the price keeps changing. However, you will not be paying more than $150 to acquire this performance-oriented projection device. Price is also very important part of a product that makes a product the best or the worst. If a product is priced less than others with same quality and features then it is a matter of attention. In a nut shell, if you even get a product that has 3.5-star rating but the price is 10X less than the others then there is no harm to say “the best product”.

  • Affordable And Best Fosa Projectors You Must Know About

    Fosa is slowly becoming a popular brand name for impressive video projectors. It only produces high quality video projectors, which deliver the best performance and they come at affordable prices too. However, I admit that Fosa is not as popular as BenQ, Optoma, ViewSonic and many others. Since Fosa produces only affordable projectors with latest projection technology so it is able to catch general public attention.

    Some top Fosa Projectors are Fosa YG320 mini projector, Fosa GP9 portable LED projector and Fosa UC18 full HD 1080p Projector. If you are with low budget, you should explore more about above mentioned Fosa projectors, which comes with impressive features and deliver the best projection experience.

    Fosa YG320

    Fosa YG320 Mini ProjectorThis is a portable projector that doesn’t require too much space in your room. Fosa YG320 is perfect for entertainment at home, video games and sports.

    The mini projector has up to 600 lumens brightness making it perfect for dark environment only. I admit that the 600 lumens brightness may not be sufficient for daylight projection.

    When it comes to support resolution, the Fosa projector has 1080P support resolution with contrast ratio of 8000:1. With the 1080p support resolution and 8000:1 contrast ratio, it is perfect for high definition playback on larger screen. Read more…

    Other important capabilities/features of Fosa YG320 are:

    • Low power consumption
    • 24-inch to 60-inch projection range
    • Manual focus adjustment support
    • 400 to 600 lumens brightness
    • USB, HDMI, AV and micro-SD inputs

    Fosa GP-9 Portable Projector

    Fosa GP9 LED Video ProjectorFosa GP-9 is another cheap and best video projector. It carries a portable design so that you can take it anywhere you go. This projector is very popular for its brightness capability. It is claimed that Fosa GP-9 is 50-percent brighter than normal LED projectors.

    Amazingly, it carries the latest LCD source technology that makes it brighter than other projectors in the same category. If you want to experience cinema-like projection experience then you must explore more about this Fosa GP9 projector.

    Further, various inputs are available with this portable video projector. You will be able to find the widely used inputs such as HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD card and many others. You can easily establish a reliable connection with your devices such as laptop, DVD players, TV setup boxes etc.

    Because of the portable and lightweight profiles, it is perfect for party, home entertainment, games and camping.
    A 3-year full guarantee is also attached with this performance oriented projector. And the customer service team is always available to help you out if you got any technical problems. Read more…

    Fosa UC18

    Fosa UC18If you are looking for a projector that has all the required features at very low price. You can check Fosa UC18. You can easily purchase it under $50, which is really an impressive price. Not only does it come at a low price, but it carries a compact design so that you can easily carry it anywhere you go.

    This mini projector is not bigger than an iPad mini. Also, this Fosa projector is very easy to setup. As soon as you finished the installation process, you can enjoy high quality movies with your friends and family.

    Further, it comes with HDMI input, which is a widely used interface for the reliable connection with laptop, computer and DVD player. You just need to use your already owned devices to project photos, videos and other multimedia content.

    Further, it is powered by updated projection technology that is further infused with latest natural color. The native resolution is 320*180 and support input resolution is 1080p. This Fosa projector also comes with an advanced LED bulb that makes less notice. The less notice advanced bulb also makes it a portable home cinema system.
    All the above three video projectors are affordable home entertainment devices. These projectors may not cost more than $50. Finding a performance oriented video projector under $50 is pretty tough task today. If you are a projector buyer, you must explore more about these projectors before you commit to buy any of them. You can check the availability of these projectors by visiting Amazon and other shopping websites. Read more…