Should We Buy a Demo Projector Over a New Projector?

After many years experimenting with and learning about home theaters, it is
hard not to interject some personal experience into the subject matter
sometimes. When I was a teenager, I was piecing together my first home
theater projector. I had a state of the art front projector that took up
fully two thirds of my bedroom. Intellivision was a modern marvel with
64bit video game technology. Only one thing was lacking, I was buying a new
stereo to complete the home theater experience.

There was no way I could have afforded a brand new stereo, but I did, with
some patience and searching, I found some demonstration models that were
within my meager budget. I completed my first home theater system when I
was about 16. Is the demo model still a viable option though? And will it
work for home theater projectors in the same fashion?

A fair discount is often given to the purchaser of a demo model. This is
done mostly due to the fact that the demo model has indeed been used to a
certain extent. While this may not be an issue for some audio and visual
equipment, it is necessary to look at the whole picture before deciding if
this is the right way to purchase a home projector.

Obviously you must decide if the projector will fit your personal needs.
What kind of media display does it offer? Will it be suitable for mounting
in your home? Will the cables be included? Is there still any warranty left
on the projection unit? Is the projection screen included with the
projector? This last part can be especially important since you can be
assured that the screen and the projector are fully compatible if the unit
has been displayed in the store.

Once all these questions have been answered, even if they are all answered
favorably, it is necessary to look at what may be considered the most
important two factors to consider when looking at demo models.

The first question to ask is what is the discounted price? While this is
usually around ten percent, frequently an otherwise demanding store may be
open to negotiations. The second very important question is to get an idea
of how much the projector has been run. By knowing this simple fact, you
can ascertain roughly how much bulb life will still be in the headlamp.

While it may seem silly to haggle over a light bulb, projector lamps can be
a very expensive replacement part, usually costing between a couple of
hundred and five hundred dollars each. Is any discount in the price of the
home theater projector going to be outweighed by the purchase of a new bulb
in the next few months?

With some careful searching and a little patience, a demo model is an
excellent and affordable opportunity for the home theater enthusiast, just
be careful and remember not only what to look, but what the relevant
questions are when you are shopping this way.

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