Projector and Projector Lamps

Every person who has experience in business knows that it is impossible to
make a lasting impact without audio visual aids. So for a good presentation
one needs to have projectors. They are indispensable. Projector lamps are
things one can not do without in business and also educational arenas. They
help transfer images from a multimedia projector on to a large screen so
that you can deliver your sales pitch or information with the help of

At first projectors were run on halogen lamps, which gave a yellow tone to
the images. Now lamps use metal halide bulbs (mercury vapor) that produce
excellent white light and give sharp images.

Not only are these lamps being used in business but are also increasingly
being used in homes and informal settings to view movies on home theatres.
Home theatres have wide screens on which the images from the projector are
magnified using properties of reflection and transferred on to the screen.

These projector lamps can be used in many ways; they project films, slides
and even images on transparent plastic sheet. You can easily make out from
their names i.e. slide projectors, multimedia projectors and overhead
projectors. Slide projectors are priced reasonably but others are expensive
to purchase. Now, apart from these projectors listed above, we also have
the most commonly used projectors, i.e. the overhead projectors . These are commonly found in schools where instructors use them to display
information on a screen. These projectors enliven a class room and make
even the dry-as-dust facts palatable and easily understandable for the

The lamp can be called the heart of the projector. No lamp – no image! So
the lamps need to be taken care of. They are sensitive to movement and are
fragile. Since they can be damaged easily, care should be taken while
moving the projector. Always allow the projector to cool down before moving
it. While changing lamps care should also be taken. Touching the glass
housing, however inadvertently can cause the lamp to burst since our skin
has a layer of oil. Therefore it is better to handle the lamp only via its
metal case. Another important precaution to take is to keep the projector
and the lamp at room temperature. Extreme weather (especially winters) can
be hazardous to the lamp’s life.

Even though technology has improved and with it the life span of projector lamps has also increased. Whereas it was 1000 hours earlier, now lamp life is up
to 2000 hours. However lamps are expensive and using all the precautions is
advisable. Whenever possible, one should use the lamp in economy mode. The
images are less bright but the lamp life-span is not affected. By
compromising a bit on the brightness, the projector lamp lasts longer.

Exercising these very small precautions makes it much easier to not only
enliven a class room but also make a significant impact in the conference
room or even watch a movie at home on a wide home theatre screen. You will
not have to worry about the costs of the lamp or bother with frequently
changing the lamp.

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