Guide to Handling and Changing a Projector Bulb

Your projector is made of discrete parts and each of these parts is
integral to your equipment. However, there are parts that may need more
attention than others. The projector bulbs are perhaps the parts of the
equipment that should receive more attention. In fact, the bulbs of the
projector are the ones usually replaced. Replacing the lamp or bulb of your
projector is not difficult. The only thing you would have to do is take
away the top cover of the equipment and take out the busted bulb and
replace it with a new one. If you are particularly adept with electric
bulbs or with projector equipment then there should be no hassle about it.
Anyway, you can always check with the user’s manual if you are a little
troubled or you can see the dealer. Never attempt to tinker your equipment
unless you know what you are doing. One of the chief concerns of projector
owners is the choice of the right bulb. Usually they come across a number
of items in the market and get home or get back to their equipment with a
wrong bulb. Choosing the proper bulb for your projector can increase the
efficiency of your device. Poor projector performance may be due to wrong
bulb selected and this can be troublesome. In addition, the choice of an
incompatible bulb shortens the life of the bulb itself. This means if you
spend a little more time to have your equipment go with the right,
compatible bulb then you are saving your projector and its performance, the
bulb life, and your cash as well.

When you buy a projector, check the user’s manual. Check out what bulbs it
requires meaning the ones it is compatible with. This will be your basis
when the old one gets busted and you need to replace it. The manual will
give you a list of items which you can opt for. Usually for new owners,
they are advised to purchase an extra bulb to spare you from emergencies in
case you have a presentation a few minutes later and discovered that the
bulb has gone too dim or all busted. You may need to write down the list of
compatible bulbs so you will spend less time discussing with the dealer
about compatibilities. You may need to familiarize the model of your
projector or its brand name. The dealers know the right kind of bulb to
offer you. It is best, nevertheless, if you have a list of compatible bulbs
to save time.

It is wise to remember that your responsibility does not end in having
bought the right bulb. Taking care of the bulb is just as important as
choosing the right one, if not more important. The life of the bulb no
matter what kind it is and how expensive it is depends on how you use it
and how you take care of it. Therefore, proper usage and appropriate care
must be done in order to prolong the life of your projector lamp. If you
lengthen its life you save more cash. Almost all bulbs in the market cannot
be run for long periods of time, let alone keep them burning for a
continued period of 24 hours or so. These electric lamps burn heat so fast
and they generate much heat. It is the heat that shortens the life of these
devices. Ask dealers about the maximum duration that the projector bulb can
be left alight. If unsure, then simply allow the equipment operating for
about three to four hours each time. In addition, operating in a well
ventilated room will ensure heat becomes distributed. A hot operating
environment shortens the life of your bulb.

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