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  • Mini Portable Projector for iPhone

    Artlii Movie iPhone Mini Pocket Laptop Smartphone Projector 

    Artlii iPhone mini pocket projector is compact and lightweight because it weighs just 280 grams and measures 12.5 by 8.6 by 4.7 centimeters. So you can easily put it in your pocket, travel bag and carry it anywhere you go. Amazingly, the Artlii projector works with various devices because it has connection inputs such as HDMI, USB, AV and SD. You can easily connect it with your iPhone, Android phone, tablets, Blu-ray players, Roku stick TV boxes and many other devices. Also, it is powered by a power bank so it is perfect for travel, camping and hiking. The Artlii mini pocket projector for iPhones is perfect for home entertainment. Because it is able to display pictures, movies, TV shows, videos and games on a large screen of 1.5M at the distance from 3.8M. Amazingly, you get a 3-year warranty attached with this Artlii mini projector with 100% full refund.

    OTHA Mini Portable Projector for iPhone

    The OTHA portable projector for iPhone comes in the latest design. It comes with various advanced features such as IOS output, DLP light, OFF-SET and it is compatible with the latest iPhone, iPad series, laptop, USB flash drivers and HDMI enabled devices. This OTHA mini projector is very easy to use because you can easily connect with your iPhone with the help of an Apple HDMI lightning cable. Further, it comes with dual HDMI HD input port that not only works with iPhone/iPad, but also works with laptops and computers. Further, the projector is based on DLP imaging technology that uses advanced multi-color processing, 100ANSI lumens brightness with 30,000 hours of lifespan. The contrast ratio is 1000:1, 854 x 480 native resolution, support to full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) so that you can receive impressive projection experience. On the other hand, it is a portable projector that weighs just 1.5 lb and lasts for a long time. So you can easily go with this projector on vacation, camping and traveling. In case, you are not satisfied with the quality and performance of this projector you can claim refund or replacement within the 3 months from the purchase date.

    Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector

    The Kodak mini portable projector comes with 80-inch display, built-in speaker, HDMI, USB and Micro SD port so it works with iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and many other devices. This is a pretty small projector that slips conveniently into you handbag, briefcase or back pocket. The Kodak portable projector comes with various connection interfaces including 3.5mm input, HDMI, USB, MicroSD and built-in speakers. Further, it is a plug-n-play projector that has no complicated buttons or menu screens. You just need to connect this projector with your preferred computer or Mac, gaming machines, cable box and video player. Amazingly, it is a good gaming projector too as it has 16.7 million colors so you can enjoy rich videos, games and images.

    AEHR Portable Pico Video Projector Android 7.1 for iPhone and Android phone

    AEHR mini pico video projector is based on Android 7.1 system. This is a great projector for iPhone and Android phone. It has HD 1080 support resolution with large 120-inch image size. AEHR projector supports with wired and wireless connection. The projector is as small as an iPhone 8P that weighs approx 0.58 lb so it is very easy to carry. Since it is based on Android 7.1 OS so it runs faster than other projectors in its category. It perfectly supports a host of devices and you will be able to use HappyCast and AirPlay with the screen function connected with iPhone or iPad.

    It comes with both off-axis effect and Keystone correction. The projector is based on the latest H3S DLP technology that has impressive brightness, rich color and contrast ratio of 2000:1.


  • Best LED Projectors

    Vankyo Leisure 3 2400 Lux LED Portable Projector

    Vankyo Leisure projector gives you high quality watching experience because it is powered by MStar Advanced Color Engine. This is a 2018 upgraded projector that comes with upgraded LED lighting that provides approx. 40% more brightness than the ordinary projector. It is a perfect choice for home cinema because it comes with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio. However, it is not recommended for PPT or business presentation.

    You will entertain yourself with the large screen size experience because it gives you screen size from 32-inch to 176-inch at the distance from 4.9 feet to 16.4 feet. However, the recommended projection distance is 6.5 feet.

    The Vankyo Leisure projector can be an impressive multimedia portable projector because it is perfect for TV series, image sharing, movies and football matches. You can easily connect with your desired devices such as PS3, PS4, X-Box, Wii and enjoy big games.

    Also, it comes with an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion and noise suppression.

    A 3-year warranty is also attached with this Vankyo Leisure projector that means no need to worry of the money invested because you can claim 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the projector’s performance.

    DR.J (2018 Upgraded) 4Inch Mini Projector with 170″ Display – 40,000 Hour LED Full HD Video Projector

    DR.J 4-inch mini projector comes with 170-inch display, 40,000 hour LED and many impressive features to advance your big screen watching experience.

    The projector gives good performance in the dark lighting environment so it is not recommended for business presentation.

    It comes with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 4:3 / 16:9 aspect ratio, 2000:1 contrast ratio and 40,000 hours of lamp life. The screen size is from 32-inch to 176-inch at the distance from 1.5 meter to 5-meter.

    This is a good multimedia projector because it greatly works with TV setup box, ChromeBook, Amazon Fire Stick, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Blu-ray DVD players, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Media players, iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones and many others.

    Dr. J mini portable projector is perfect for home theater, movies and video games. It is not recommended for PPT presentations such as Excel, PDF, Text files etc.

    It comes with a 3-year warranty in case you find any quality issues in the projector.

    Hausbell Mini Projector Portable Video LED Projector

    Hausbell Mini Projector Portable Video LED Projector gives you unbelievable home cinema experience as you will be watching movies, football matches and playing games on a bigger screen. You get screen size up to 220 inches at the projection distance from 0.5m to 5m. It comes with impressive contrast ratio of 600:1 static and 10000:1 dynamic. This multi-purpose Hausbell LED projector is portable and lightweight so that you can easily move it room to room or even keep it in a backpack. It comes with connection interfaces such as HDMI, USB, AV, SD and VGA.

    QKK 2400Lux Mini Projector -Full HD LED Projector


    QKK 2400Lux LED mini projector is a full HD projector. It carries a great design for indoor and outdoor use. It has 1920 x 1080 resolution, 50,000 hours of lamp life, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 32-inch to 176-inch screen display from 1.5M to 5M distance. It comes with double USB, HDMI, VGA, AV and SD card ports. Using the above mentioned ports, you can easily connect with computers, laptops, TV setup box, Blu-ray DVD player, USB flash drive, SD card, ChromeBook and Amazon Fire TV stick. It comes with 3 years of warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    WiMiUS Upgraded T4 3500 Lumens Home Theater Projector

    The WiMiUS T4 3500 lumens home theater projector comes with 3000:1 contrast ratio to give you sharp and clear images even when the light is on. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cinema experience. The native resolution is of 1280 x 800 pixels supporting up to 1080P resolution. So it can greatly support full HD 1080p videos so it is perfect for movies, football games and parties. The projection screen size supported from 50-inch to 200-inch at the distance from 1.5m to 5m. The best projection distance is 2.5 to 3 meters. Further, it comes with improved cooling system with heat dispersion cutting the fan sound by half. It has various connection inputs such as HDMI, VGA so that you can easily connect with TV boxes, computers, VCD/DVD players and Amazon fire TV stick. For the iPhone/iPad/Android phone connection, you need an external HDMI adapter. A 2-year of warranty is also included.

    Paick LED Video Projector

    Paick LED video projector is 50% brighter than other ordinary LED projector. The highlights are 1280 x 800 native resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 32-200 inches screen size, 3.6 – 20 feet projection distance, HDMI, USB, VGA inputs, 1980 x 1080p support resolution and 2 years of warranty. This is a big screen home cinema projector as it supports 200 inches screen size from 3.6 to 20ft projection distance. You can easily enjoy movies with your family while protecting your eyes from TV and computer. The recommended projection distance is 6.5 feet to get a large 80-inch screen.

    ELEPHAS 720P HD LED Movie Projector

    ELEPHAS 720P HD LED Movie Projector comes with impressive features such as high quality stereo speaker, updated cooling system 1280 x 800 pixels native resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, up to 180-inch screen size. It comes with various connection inputs such as VGA, AV, USB and HDMI. So you can easily connect with your preferred devices such as Blu-ray DVD players, PS3/4, TV boxes, computers and laptops. Also, it comes with 3 years of warranty with 2-month of hassle-free return, customer service and lifetime technical supports.

    VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector

    VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector is good for home entertainment. It comes with MStar advanced color engine that provides accurate colors and great contrast for images. The native resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, 2000:1 contrast ratio. Impressively, it comes with various connection inputs such as VGA, AV, USB, HDMI and Micro SD. It gives less noise than others because the projector uses fan noise suppression system. It also comes with 3-year of warranty with 100% money back guarantee.

    TENKER Q5 LED Mini Movie Projector

    TENKER Q5 LED Mini Movie Projector has gotten a smart look and it delivers sharper images. This is a good projector for home entertainment. You will surely receive an amazing home cinema experience from the Tenker Q5 projector. This mini projector gives you large projection size for the impressive theater experience. The display size is from 35-inch to 100-inch from 1.15M to 3M distance. Further, Tenker Q5 LED projector supports various connection inputs so that you can easily connect with computers, laptops, gaming machines, TF cards, USB drives, smartphones and tablets. Also, it comes with reduced fan noise because of the innovative cooling system it carries. Also, it comes with a 3-year of warranty too.

    DeepLee Mini Projector, DP300 Portable LED Projector

    DeepLee Mini Projector, DP300 Portable LED Projector support PC Laptop USB Stick USB/SD/AV/HDMI Input for Video/Movie/Game/Home Theater Video Projector- Yellow

    DeepLee DP300 LED projector is perfect for videos, games and home entertainment. It comes with inputs such as USB, HDMI, SD, AV so that you can connect with your desired devices such as TV setup box, laptops, computers and mobile phones. It is available in different colors such as white/yellow, white, blue and black. This stylish projector carries a portable design and it is a compact projector in a small size. It uses only LED light source (10W-24W), and it has 30,000 hours of lifespan. It comes with built-in speaker and various inputs so that you can connect with your preferred devices. It displays clear images because the DeepLee DP300 has 16700K rich colors, 600 lumen brightness and 320 x 240 pixel native resolution up to 1080p support. The shipping box contains 1 x DeepLee projector, 1 x power plug, 1 x remote, 1 x AV cable, 1 x user manual. And it comes with 100% full refund in case you are not satisfied with the quality or performance.