Things You Need to Know When Choosing and Buying Projector Bulbs

Using a projector during presentations is a basic thing. However, the
thought about projector bulbs do not enter one’s thought until they get
busted. When the bulb goes out, it is an advantage if you know what to buy.
You might be troubled with different brands of bulbs for your projector.
That is why going for a wise choice can be a brief ordeal for you.

The kind of projector lamp you should buy depends on the kind of projector
you have and its model. Old models, those models before year 2000, have a
life of about 1000 hours. New versions of projector lamps has more than
double lasting power and can stay alight for about 2000 hours or even more.
However, some brands can stay much longer. There are even lamps that stay
burning for 6 thousand continual hours. There are the ones whose life may
depend on the brightness, such that when you turn down the brightness, you
add more hours to its staying power. If you want to lengthen the life of
your projector lamp, use only a certain enough brightness you need. You
will know you need to replace the bulb when the image begins to dim.

If the bulb you bought has a warranty certificate, be wise by keeping it.
You may need that piece of paper suppose the bulb goes out a week after it
has been bought. Nevertheless, the chances of this occurring may be too
slim as most products run through a series of inspections and tests before
being released into the market. Warranty period for bulbs of most projector
lamps is either 60 or 90 days from receiving the projector.

If you live in a place where it gets bitterly cold during winter, remember
that projector lamps find low temperatures unfavorable for operations.
Transporting the projector from outdoor winter cold to a warm indoor
environment and quickly turning the equipment on, the lamp or bulb may
explode due to sudden temperature shift. Hence, there is a need to let the
device to warm and adapt to the surrounding indoor temperature before
switching it on. This avoids the hazard of explosion due to extreme change
in temperature.

Another thing you must avoid is moving or shaking your projector while it
is turned on and in use. Keep it still because movements can affect the
electronic components of this equipment, which are particularly sensitive.
If you want your device to last this one tip should be observed. The lamp
is also susceptible to damage upon movement while in use. Attempt not to
move the projector, let alone shake it, while it is in use. Upon turning it
off, wait for a few while before moving it. This adds more hours to your
projector lamp life.

There are brands of projector that has eco-mode settings to allow you to
decrease the brightness of the lamp. This economy mode setting allows you
to set the brightness that is just enough for the device to be functional,
just enough for the image to be clearly visible. This is particularly an
advantage if you wish to prolong the life of your projector lamp, and this
could save you some cash. For instance, a bulb whose brightness is at 2000
lumens and a staying power of 2000 hours may be set to a lower brightness
setting, say 1600 lumens, but could last for 3000 hours. That means it
could run for another one thousand hours. That saves you another one
thousand hours without buying a new bulb for your projector.

Projector bulbs are fairly costly but the prices depend on the brightness
and quality. It is advised that you buy an extra lamp upon purchasing a
projector to spare you from trouble in case of emergencies.

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