Projector Installation – Fixing it to the Ceiling

A projector is something that has become very common these days. A lot of
people want to experience the theater at home. And it is a very good way to
attract friends and family to come over and spend time at your place.

So once you buy the projector, how do you go about installing it?

Projector installation is not that easy actually speaking. You first need
to get yourself a mounting. This will cost you around 150 to 200 dollars.
This is a lot of money considering you might have spent just 5 times that
amount on the projector itself. There are a few other options like buying
the unofficial versions made in places like china or india. These will cost
around 30 or 50 dollars, but will serve the purpose.

The tools you require for installing a projector would be a hammer, a screw
driver, circular level, tape measure and a step ladder. Remember you also
need someone to help you when you try to screw it in place.

First, you must measure your room to see which positioning would be
optimum. You must also make sure your room does not have much light
entering when you don’t want it to. Because you want to simulate a theater
and the projector will not work when there is bright light.

Then you must actually bore the holes into the ceiling. And then hold the
mount and screw it into place with the help of a friend. Then you can just
clamp the projector into the mount and you are done with the entire
installation process.

Lastly, you have to fine tune the job. The mount will usually allow for
pitch, yaw and rotation in all angles. With the help of a spirit level, you
can make sure the projector is properly aligned with the screen.

You can feel good about the fact that you have saved a few hundred dollars
which you would have otherwise paid a service person to come for installing
your projector. With all this is place, you can go ahead and enjoy your new

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