Panasonic PT-AX200U Review – 3 X LCD 720p High Definition Home Theater Projector

When choosing a projector for your home theater set-up, there are two main
factors involved: price and picture quality. To strike the right balance
between the two, it makes sense to know more about what features the
projector has that give it the edge to stand out from others.

After narrowing down from a few dozen other projectors, by now you have
probably nearly made your mind up. But first let us explore some of the
features that makes the Panasonic PT-AX200U so special.

Main Features — Explained

Brightest projected image in its price range (2000 Lumens) The projector is so
bright in fact it can be used comfortably in daylight conditions.

3 separate LCD’s : Red Green Blue combined together. By using 3 LCD’s, each of the primary
colors are given their very own LCD which gives more room properly
represent the depth and contrast. The three images are then merged inside
the projector which gives the overall picture extended color depth and is
like watching real film.

6000:1 contrast ratio With 3 LCD’s there are 3 times as much light blocked and 3 times as much
light let through resulting in a larger amount of contrast. Compared to
single LCD projectors the difference in quality makes it stand out from
others. Shadows are brought forward and skin-tones are handled very well.

Dynamic image adjustment Panasonic’s Light Harmonizer 2 technology will automatically adjust the
gamma curve, iris dilation and lamp power to produce consistent vivid,
smooth and ‘easy on the eye’ images in all varying light conditions.

Gaming Modes Excellent picture performance with PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PCs. Many modern
popular games are naturally quite dark and some LCD TV screens and cheaper
projectors fail to bring out the darkest details. The PT-AX200U has special
processing modes that have been optimized for gaming and they have the
ability to make the dimmest in-game scenes more viewable and playable.

Two HDMI ports HDMI has become the connector of choice for modern high definition
equipment due to its’ digitally perfect and lossless data transfer
capabilities. Connecting everything you own to it is made easy with: a
component input, an s-video input and a standard composite input.

1280 x 720 pixels High Definition 720p HD is achieved from either 720p or 1080p content. This scaled down to
fit, while not quite as sharp as a full 1080p projector, 720p projectors
are around half the price and give far better value for money.

4 to 41 foot range – 2:1 zoom lens with adjustable angles

Best performance in its price range.

The Panasonic PT-AX200U projector is expected to be this years big seller and this is not
surprising thanks to its’ out-performance of most, if not all projectors in
its’ class. The brightness is stunning and adjusts to all room conditions,
even custom presets can be stored for quick recall of your ideal settings.
The pixels are invisible and the moving image is like watching a film.

Competitors projectors do cost less but do not get the brightness that is
so fought after in a home theater projection setup. With changing light
levels and demand for color depth and detail, this latest edition in the PT
series of projectors makes possible an excellent theater and movie
experience right at home that is always enjoyable.

For gaming set-ups where brightness, color detail and responsiveness is
important, this projector delivers and excels in its versatile abilities,
and for the price balances top performance.

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