How To Choose An Outdoor Holiday Projector That Won’t Make You Say Bah Humbug!

Before you put your hard-earned cash down for a holiday projector, there
are a few things you need to consider. Quality is foremost. After that, the
effect you are trying to obtain will determine which features are most

Holiday light projectors are products you place outside your home to shine
a picture on your house. Many people use them to during the holidays as
part of their decorations. They come in all shapes and sizes, with
different images to project, and with many different features. Some even
play music.

An outdoor holiday projector is supposed to be used outdoors. Therefore, it
is important to make sure the one you choose is both weatherproof and
waterproof. There is a difference. Waterproof just means it keeps the water
out. You want an outdoor holiday projector that is durable and can
withstand temperature extremes, rain, sleet, snow, ice, or whatever weather
is common in your area.

Some outdoor holiday projectors have metal parts that can rust. These will
only last one season. Look for rust proof or plastic parts. If you live in
an area that gets a lot of snow, a stake or tripod is a must have. The
projector has to be situated high enough to project the image above the

Brightness is one of the main features to consider, especially if there are
a lot of lights in your neighborhood. The more lights in your area, the
brighter the projector will need to be. The size of the projected image is
also important. Note the distance the projector can be placed from the
house and the resulting image size. Make sure this is compatible with your
other decorations.

While on the subject of images, check to see which images come with the
projector. Is it just snowflakes, are there multiple images to choose from,
or does the holiday projector just control your lights. Also check to see
if the image is stationary or moveable. Keep in mind the effect you are
trying to create.

Some holiday light projectors have images for many different holidays.
Others, have kits to make your own images. These are extra features you may
want so the projector can be used throughout the year. There are even
additional image packs available for purchase if you want to expand your

Ease of setup is another important consideration. Outdoor holiday
projectors are supposed to make your life easier not harder. This is not a
time to be fumbling around and assembling things. Look for the words “Easy
Set Up” on the box.

There may be many different cords and outlets running through your yard.
Make sure the projector you choose works with what you already have. Most
of these projectors just need an outlet but some may require a long
extension cord. If the holiday projector you choose also produces sound,
you will need speakers, wires and maybe even an MP3 player and/or FM

If you choose a projector with sound, be aware that it may annoy your
neighbors. Be considerate and turn the sound off when it gets late. Even
better, put the projector on a timer so it turns off automatically. There
are holiday projectors that come with built in timers. That leaves one less
thing to worry about.

Some final things to consider when setting up your projector are safety and
security. Unfortunately, these projectors are easy to steal. You may want
to secure the projector or bring it in at night if you think that is a
possibility. Also, make sure the cords are secured so people will not trip
when they come to admire your decorations.

A holiday projector can add the WOW factor to your decorated home and make
it stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, this article will help you choose
the best holiday light projector for your individual situation.

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