How to Buy a Portable LCD Projector

Ever thought of buying your own portable LCD projector but do not have any
definite features to look for? I was once like that, so I did a few
studies, surveyed to most people smarter than me, and read through ample
amount of reviews. Only to find out, my employer bought one for me to use
without asking for any comments on which projector to buy! Which I felt
little offended. Putting the circumstances aside, I offer to you my
research results to help you make a better buy than my employer did.

Each portable LCD projector has about million technical features, and when
you compare them all you’ll get confused in the process. It’s like
comparing apples to oranges. Here are some features that I handpicked out
which I find for myself very important.

1 Set Up Process – When doing presentation avoid looking like a retard who doesn’t know how
to setup his own projector. The setup will only took about 10 minutes to
finish. Here’s how: just plug in the power for the laptop and projector,
turn them on, and connect the cord from my laptop to the projector. Easy to
follow you can even do this while telling a joke to an audience or having
some talk with some people. Please do check if the projector works first
before starting your lecture or presentation.

2 Image Quality – I am in the designing business, for me to gain sales I have to explain
each detail with precise images. For me I am looking for a projector that
has good brightness (measured in ANSI lumens), even in rooms that aren’t
been totally been darkened and better resolution, the minimum is to get a
clear USGA (1600 x 1200) dimension picture. But if you are only doing
“bullet point” presentation SVGA (800 x 600) is already okay.

3 Connectivity – Always check this one first, especially when you have a Mac computer. I
myself have a Mac, and not all portable LCD projectors support Mac. Better
check on the features if it suits your laptop.

4 Size and Weight – To me the size wasn’t so important, because mostly they’re all about the
same. Weight on the other hand was the important one. Though I do have a
good muscular shape, but when carrying other things like laptop and etc,
plus the projector – not to mention other things that I need to handle –
every pound matters.

5 Cost – How much it cost will always be a factor, but if we get to realize about
it, it’s not. The difference between the cheapest to the expensive ones is
about $800, which will get covered when I make a good sale or two. Plus
it’s only $500 because of the tax deductions. Now, if the difference was a
few thousand dollars, then that will other story. But to me, what is a
couple of dollars when I get to have a very good portable LCD projector,
and get to impress my clients as well.

6 Product Reliability – For me this is the toughest one, I read countless Consumer Reports, and
surveyed a lot of people. In this case, everyone seems to have a different
opinion to which company is more or less reliable. There was even one
suggested that look for a projector that has parts that are made in China.
So when it get broken it will be easy to get fixed.

So that will be criteria I used to get my own LCD projector. Other features
as well that you might get to see that will matter to you but didn’t so
much to me, are

• Life of the Lamp (the average bulb will last for 2000 hours) • The distance to get a very good quality on the wall most be 4 feet. • Projection surface though most offices are colored white, but do try to
project on a dark wall to see if it still projects a good image. • Throw ratio. When the wall you get to project is too small, or you get to
have a short distance from the wall. The throw ratio of 2.0 tells that if
you’re 10 feet away, the image will be 5 feet wide. Commonly, if you’re
only 4 feet from the wall, you can show an image of 2 feet wide. Which
means it’s only you and other 1-2 person will get to see it. Well that
doesn’t work for me at all because of my job requires to show detailed

Jason Hernander, writes consumer reviews and guildelines on how to buy your
own portable LCD projector []. For
additional information on the lastet projectors visit WEBSITE HERE

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