Features to Look For in a Home Theater Projector

Flat screens with high definition resolution is the most popular among most
houses nowadays. But for people with enough budget for making their own
home theater, projector is a must. Projectors can give you a movie house
atmosphere as it shows you the movies and videos in clear big screen. Plus
with the aid of other audio system upgrades like amplifiers and decent
sound boxes, your house will definitely be have a surround audio, perfect
for watching suspense and thrilling movies.

Though projectors can give you the magic of having a mini movie house
inside your own home, some projectors are better than the others, some can
give you optimum performance, while some can be a disappointment.

If you are planning to purchase a new appliances for improved viewing
experience, or planning to upgrade your viewing system with to the most
up-to-date appliances, it is good to research and read reviews about
specific brand names to get the best out of your budget. Below are some
things you should consider to get the best projectors that will fit into
your home theater.

First and foremost, know the resolution. Keep in mind the resolution size
you of the projector you want to purchase, the bigger it is, the better.
Well, of course, projectors with bigger resolution size are usually more
expensive than those that have lesser resolution size, but it can give you
the big difference in your viewing experience.

Some projectors are specifically made for certain purposes. Some are good
for power point presentation, which will be perfect for office and business
use, while some are made for viewing, perfect for playing movies.

How to know if the projector has a higher resolution size? The basic way is
to look for better picture quality. Higher picture quality means higher
pixel count, high pixel count mean more vivid scenes and images.

Second, know the contrast ratio. More contrast means more shades and
contrasts between colors. The greater the contrast ratio, the more
expensive the projector is.

Lastly, the lumens. Lumens is the light output. This refers to brightness.

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