Excelvan 2600 Lumens 200‘’ Max Portable Mini LED HD Multimedia LCD Indoor Outdoor Home Cinema Theater Projector (Black)

Excelvan 2600 Lumens projector
Excelvan 2600 Lumens 200‘’ Max Portable Mini LED HD Multimedia LCD Indoor Outdoor Home Cinema Theater Projector (Black)

Excelvan 2600 Lumens LED projector lets you easily connect with multiple devices such as laptops, personal computers, smartphones, TV boxes, DVD players and many others. Because, it allows various connection inputs such as dual USB, dual HDMI, ATV, AV, YPBPR, VGA, audio input to give you endless choices when it comes to connecting with various multimedia devices. Please make sure that for establishing a connection with iPhone or iPad, you need a digital AV adapter and an MHL cable for Android based Smartphones.

This Excelvan LED mini projector will give you home video theater experience without any doubts. It has 2 built-in speakers with powerful amplifier to receive high quality sound. Amazingly, you are also able to connect an external speaker using the AV port for louder and high quality sound.

Further, Excelvan LED projector has 800 X 480 pixels native resolution and 2600 lumens efficiency to deliver high quality pictures on 32” to 200 inches big screen size. Of course, you will be able to get theater quality audio-visual enjoyment sitting at your own home.

When it comes to home entertainment cinema, this Excelvan projector delivers the best entertainment experience, because it is perfect for home entertainment cinema theater movies and video games in dark environment. It greatly supports video games in HD quality. Further, it can be good compact gift for family, friends and lover. Please make sure that this Excelvan video projector is not recommended for business or PowerPoint presentation.

Also, it uses great cooling technology and so it is able to minimize the fan size approx. 50%, which can be extremely lower than other ordinary mini video projectors. With such powerful qualities, you will receive unstoppable and high quality enjoyment at home.

Amazingly, Excelvan 2600 Lumens 200‘’ Max Portable Mini LED projector is supported with two years of warranty and good customer service and technical support. Read more…


Excelvan projector

Excelvan 2600 Lumens 200‘’ projector

Excelvan 2600 projector

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