• The Best iRulu Projector: iRulu BL20 Mini Video Projector

    When it comes to the most popular video projector brands then many projector brands come into the mind. These best projector brands are Optoma, CiBest, Epson, BenQ, iRulu, ViewSonic and many others. Since the topic is “The Best iRulu Projector” so I will discuss mainly on the best iRulu video projector, which is now available on the market.
    A common problem I encounter in finding the best product within a niche is “users’ reviews” on popular shopping websites. People think that a 5-star product can be the best product but there are many things that make a product the best product apart from the users’ reviews.

    If I describe deeply into a user’s review then I find that the user gives review based on the performance he/she received from a particular product. But in reality, it is not so! A user may give negative review even he/she is not able to understand the feature. The user think the product is not functioning well, but the fact is he/she doesn’t know how to operate the particular device.

    Since the topic is about the facts that make iRulu BL20 the best iRulu projector so I will discuss more on the features, performance, price, ease-of-use of this video projector.

    iRulu BL20 Mini Video ProjectorIRULU B20 carries the latest projection technology on the market. It comes with 5-inch LCD TFT LCD panel that provides the greatest convenience to operate this device. When it comes to operating modes, it supports both manual and remote control to give the users required flexibility in terms of operating the device. Based on your preferences, you can operate iRulu B20 manually or by using the provided remote control.

    Inputs: it supports various inputs so that you can easily establish a secure connection between your devices and the iRulu projector. The supported inputs are double USB ports, double HDMI ports, DTV/AV/YPBPR/VGA ports and audio input also. Using the above widely used inputs, you can easily connect devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, computers and other devices.

    The projection distance supported is from 1.2 meters to 6 meters, which can be impressive. Because it provides good flexibility to project pictures from 1.2 meters to 6 meters. And the aspect ratio is 4:3 / 16:9 that is standard for high quality projection.

    Since iRulu BL20 comes at a low price with all required features and accessories so it is the best iRulu projector in its category.

    Other important features of iRulu BL20 mini video projector are:

    • 32-inch to 200-inch projection screen size
    • 16.7K Color
    • 1080P support resolution
    • Built-in speaker
    • 5-inch LCD TFT LCD panel
    • Manual or remote control operating mode
    • One year of warranty

    I am unable to mention the exact price of this projector because the price keeps changing. However, you will not be paying more than $150 to acquire this performance-oriented projection device. Price is also very important part of a product that makes a product the best or the worst. If a product is priced less than others with same quality and features then it is a matter of attention. In a nut shell, if you even get a product that has 3.5-star rating but the price is 10X less than the others then there is no harm to say “the best product”.

  • 2017 Projectors(Warranty Included),XINDA Huge Screen Video Projectors 1080P Home Cinema Theater Support Smartphones Blu-ray DVD Player, Laptops and Tablets,1736B

    XINDA 1080P Home Cinema Theater
    42.3% brighter than ordinary led projector
    Multi-Function Input:HDMI/USB/AV/SD/VGA Cord
    XINDA Huge Screen Video Projector comes with 3 years of warranty on service and professional customer service and technical support. This is a high brightness Xinda projector that is considered 42.3 brighter than normal LED projectors. It delivers clearer color result when you watch TV or play games. This Xinda mini projector is perfect for home theater but it is not made for PPT and business presentation.
    Further, it gives large viewing area of 30 to 100 inches. The best projection distance is between 4 to 7 feet with 60 to 80 inches size. Also, XINDA Huge Screen Video Projector is made in a portable design that is very easy to take and travel. It can also be the best gift for children.
    Amazingly, it supports most of the input methods such as HDMI, USB, AV, SD, VGA so that you can easily connect this video projector with most devices including personal computer, laptops, DVD players, USB disk. Please make sure that the USB port is only for U-disk/hard disk devices. Also, to prevent overheating, it can be good if you avoid using after every three to four hours.

  • DBPOWER RD-810 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Supporting 1080P, HDMI, USB, VGA, AV for Home Cinema, TVs, Laptops, Games, & Smartphones

    DBPOWER RD-810 LED Portable ProjectorDBPOWER RD-810 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector is perfect for home entertainment, however it is not made for PPT or business presentations. Good thing about this DBPower LED projector is compatibility with most devices. DBPower RD-810 LED projector can work with PCs, laptops, tablets, media players, USB flash drives, smartphones, blue-ray DVD and many other devices.

    Further, DBPOWER RD-810 delivers good viewing experience at the distance of 1.5 to 5 meter and delivers 50 inches to 150 inches viewing size. The best projection distance can be 2M to 2.5M.

    The highlights are 800 X 480 native resolution, 1080p supporting resolution, 1200 lumens, 4.9 to 13.12 ft. throw distance, 1.4:1 throw ratio, 4:3 / 16:9 aspect ratio. Amazingly, DBPOWER RD-810 portable projector comes with three years of warranty and professional customer service.

  • DR.J (Upgraded) 1800Lumens 4Inch Mini Projector with 170 Inch Display – 40,000 Hour LED Full HD Video Projector 1080P, Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD for Home Theater

    4Inch Mini Projector from DR J

    DR.J (Upgraded) 1800Lumens 4Inch Mini Projector is made to meet customers’ new needs. The latest projector is upgraded to 1800 lumens with 2000:1 contrast ratio. With such profile, it delivers seventy percent brighter picture than the other LED mini projectors. Most importantly, it supports most input methods such as 720P, 1080P HDMI, TV Box and Amazon Fire TV Stick input. This DR.J projector gives you wider scope of entertainment. Because it is compatible with most devices such as ChromeBook, PCs, Laptops, Blue-ray DVD players, USB flash drive, SD card, TV box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android Smartphones, iPhones, iPad and media players.

    This DR. J 4-inch mini projector can be a good multimedia portable device for all your entertainment and business needs. It is a perfect mini projector for home theater, video games and movies as well as PPT presentations. Dr. J 4” projector makes detailed data presentations very easy. You can easily display Excel, PDF and TXT files.

    Highlights of Dr. J mini projector are 2000:1 contrast ratio, 1800 Lumens, 70% brighter than other LED mini projectors, 840 X 480 native resolutions, 1920 X 1080 supported resolution, 32 to 176 inches viewable size, 4000 hours of lamp life and 4:3/16:9 contrast ratio.


  • VIOTEK Crescent Wireless Projector Review (220 Lumen, Android OS)

    VIOTEK Crescent Wireless Projector Review
    Compact design 6x3x3 inches
    built-in HDMI & USB ports
    Before you buy any projector, please read Viotek Crescent Wireless Projector review so that you will be able to decide this projector is good for your requirements or not. Important things about VIOTEK Crescent projector are big picture size, portable size for travelers, multiple input interfaces, cast from a phone, and 3D movies capabilities. VIOTEK Crescent 220 lumen wireless projector projects images up to 150 inches in 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. Further, it has the capability of casting or mirroring images, videos and other stuffs toy our mobile projector from your Android phones. Also, VIOTEK Crescent 220 lumen wireless projector is made in a travel size that measures just 6 x 3 x 3 inches, with these lightweight and small size properties, you can go with your projector, anywhere you want. And with the help of HDMI and USB ports, you can connect to your laptop, phone or tablet to this Viotek Crescent projector very easily. Apart from this VIOTEK Crescent 220 lumen wireless projector review, you can read on the same product page of Amazon, these reviews are given by real users. Read more…

  • Lary Intel Mini Video Projector Review (Home Theater LED Multimedia)

    Lary Intel Mini Video Projector
    800 lumen brightness
    Native Resolution: 153600(RGB)Pixel
    Latest LCD Color Technology
    Lary Intel Mini Video Projector review is for exploring this product and highlighting important features, capabilities and other important facts. This Lary intel LED projector uses latest LED light technology that delivers approx. 20-percent more brightness than other projectors with ordinary LED technology. With this light technology, you will be able to watch videos and other multimedia content even in bright environment, in day time. Further, Lary intel LED mini projector uses latest LCD color technology (LCD 24-bit color) that has approx. 16.7K colors for more accurate and vivid color. Moreover, Lary intel LED mini projector is made in a small size just like a smartphone that is perfect for many choices, occasions, places, travelers etc. This small projector has big capabilities as it is best for 30 to 100 inches screen size, 1.07 to 3.5m projection distance. Other important features as per Lary Intel LED Mini Projector Review are ±15° keystone correction, 800 x 480 native resolution, 1920 x 1080 pixels supported resolution, 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio, 800 lumens brightness, LED lamp, front projection mode, multiple inputs (AV/USB jack/Memory SD card) and headphone output. With the purchase of Lary intel LCD mini projector, you get 1 x power adaptor, 1 x 3-in1 AV cable, 1 X remote control, 1 x user manual. Read more…

  • iCODIS G6 LCD HD 3200 Lumens Brightness Video Projector Reviews

    iCODIS G6 projector
    3200 lumens brightness
    LED light source
    3000:1 contrast ratio
    Ports: HDMI, USB, AV, VGA
    iCODIS G6 projector review is based on features, performance and what other users says of this. This top brand iCodis g6 projector comes with many inputs, it has dual HDMI ports to connect two HDMI devices and enjoy videos, movies, and play games on larger 120 inches screen. Other popular connection methods iCodis g6 supports are USB, AV and VGA to connect with many devices including PC, laptops, gaming consoles and Smartphones. I read iCodis G6 projector reviews on many shopping portals and found that it has keystone function to play with picture size and orientation conveniently. Further, 3200 lumens is pretty good brightness for such a small and affordable projecting device. iCodis G6 LCD HD video projector features 1080p support to enjoy high quality, high definition content from various sources. Further, iCodis G6 HD video projector uses latest LED light technology that saves approx. 20-percent more energy than other projectors in the same category and the same price range. Main purpose of writing this iCodis G6 video projector review is to describe all the features and capabilities/options so that you can decide yourself, this projector is good for your requirements or not. Whether you want to watch HD videos, listen to high quality sounds, play games, G6 has will surely meet your demands and it will work perfectly in both dark as well as bright environments. Read more…

  • Lenovo Ideacentre 610s Mini Desktop with Projector (Windows 10) Review

    Lenovo ideacentre 610s Projector
    wireless capability, small detachable projector, 220 lumens brightness, 720p resolution
    Lenovo Ideacentre 610s mini desktop with projector review is based on what other customers users are saying on various shopping websites and in discussion places. This top brand Lenovo projection based desktop is made keeping modern entertainment in mind. Lenovo Ideacentre 610s comes with a small separable projector that projects content wirelessly with 220 lumens brightness and 720 pixels of resolution. Lenovo Ideacentre 610s is really very cool when you want to watch multimedia or other content on a large size screen. It lets you enjoy videos, photos and play games without wired connection from your desktop or Xbox onto any wall or surface for up to 100” of diagonal screen size. Main purpose of writing Lenovo Ideacentre 610s projector desktop review is to let you know true features and capabilities of this product. It is powered by Intel processors (6th Gen Core) that delivers high processing speed for uninterrupted entertainment. Moreover, it is powered by Windows 10 OS lets you explore unlimited possibilities. This small size desktop does bigger tasks and it is made in a compact size. With this Lenovo Ideacentre 610s projector desktop, you will be productive on one monitor projecting a presentation video and TV shows onto a nearby wall to entertain your friends and family. Read more…

  • Mileagea Projection Screen (100 inch 16:9 ) Portable Home Cinema PVC

    Mileagea Projection Screen
    Diagonal Measurement: 100 inch
    Screen Size:87″ x 49″
    Screen Format: 16:9
    Screen Material: PVC
    Mileagea Projection Screen is available in many screen sizes including 40, 50, 72 and 100 inches. This top brand Mileagea projector screen is made of high grade materials to deliver the best performance and to surpass your expectation. You will need hooks or strings to fasten the screen on wall. It 100 inche Mileagea projector screen has 16:9 screen format and diagonal 100” offer 87 x 49 inches of viewing area. This product is packaged well in rolls for the safety of the screen. Mileagea 100 inch projector screen is perfect for many purposes including conference hall presentation, public gathering, home theater movie and education. This Mileagea projector screen is made of high grade Polyvinyl Chloride material that requires simple spot cleaning, please don’t use abrasives. Amazing thing about this PVC projector screen is it diffuses projection light evenly. Read more…

  • Abdtech Portable Mini Home 1080P Projector Review

    Abdtech 1080p projector
    1200 lumens brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 30000 hours lamp life, 1920*1080 highest resolution
    Abdtech portable mini home 1080P projector review lets you know the true features/capabilities of this product. This latest Abdtech 1080p projector comes with advanced image focusing function to deliver high fidelity images. The mini home projector comes with state-of-the-art cooling system with temperature spread and noise reduction capabilities. This Abdtech portable projector supports varieties of interfaces such as HDMI, SD, USB, VGA and AV interfaces letting you connect most of the devices such as desktop, laptop, DVD, U-disk, TV set-top box etc. It also features a 5V-output port (USB) to power charge many small devices including tablets, smartphones etc. I read Abdtech projector reviews on various shopping websites and found that this mini projector is awesome when it comes to portability. This Abdtech home projector is made in the size of 8.1 x 6.6 x 3.0 inches that is perfect for travelers, family gatherings and outdoor parties. Some important features are 1000:1 contrast ratio, 800 x 480 pixel resolution, 1920 x 1080 highest resolution, LED light, 3000 hours lamp life, 1200 lumens brightness and 1.5 to 4m throw distance. Read more…

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