Be Careful About Your Projector and Lamp Refund and Warranty Policy


Obtaining a refund or exchange for a defective product or obtaining an
exchange can be a daunting process in some cases. A no questions asked
return or refund policy is rare but some merchants who are large enough do
offer such terms. When the merchant actually does keep its word on such a
policy, it is truly a benefit to the consumer. However, many merchants are
not able to offer such terms but will provide refunds and exchanges if you
comply with their terms.

One term is particularly present in most refunds or exchange policies is
the necessity to return the lamp in its original packaging. Therefore, it
is important that you retain all of the original packing for your lamp in a
safe place for the duration of the warranty period or the exchange/refund

Some retailers do not accept returns or exchanges directly but require the
consumer to deal directly with the manufacturer. You can imagine what time
and effort it may take dealing with a major international manufacturer that
you have not dealt with directly before to work through all the steps and
comply with all of the details they require to obtain a refund or make an
exchange when to start with they have no record of your purchase with the

Should you purchase a refurbished lamp in order to save on price, it is
important to note that you may not be able to obtain a refund or exchange
but only be able to return the item for repair. The time and trouble in
such an instance would probably negate the savings on purchase.

In summary, consumers should be careful to understand what they are
purchasing and what the merchant’s policies are for refunds and exchanges
prior to purchasing.


Many consumers pay little attention to the warranties associated with their
purchase of projector lamps. In most cases, consumers have been lulled into
a false sense of confidence that when they see the word warranty all is
well if they have a problem with the product they purchased.

While all OEM products generally come with a 90 day warranty, usually
limited by certain terms, some retailers offer their own or extended
warranties for the lamps they sell and often free. If on the merchant’s web
site you do not see any reference to a warranty, be sure what you are
purchasing is an OEM lamp so that you will be assured of some protection.
There are four types of warranties which retailers offer, although only one
is very common:

Repair or Replace Warranty – A technician attempts to repair your projector
either over the telephone or by a personal visit. If such efforts fail the
projector is returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, which
takes a bit of time.

Return to Base Warranty – This is the most common warranty which requires
the consumer to pack up the projector and return it to the manufacturer for
repair. As with the repair and replace model, you may be without a
projector for a while especially if repair parts are not readily available.

Swap-Out Warranty -This type warranty is the best for the consumer as the
manufacturer will lend you a projector while yours is being repaired. If
you use your projector regularly for business or pleasure, you should seek
out this type of warranty.

Dead on Arrival Warranty – Similar to the Swap-Out Warranty, you can return
the new defective projector immediately to the manufacturer, but instead of
having it repaired, it will be replaced with a brand new projector

Some retailers offer extended warranties free and some charge extra for
such a warranty, so check to see which type of warranty is offered. It is
also important to know if a merchant says that the warranty is for a period
of more than the standard 90 days the OEM manufacturer offers, whether the
warranty is provided directly by the merchant in full or if they are
providing an extended service under the same terms as the OEM’s terms or
are the extended terms significantly different.

Finally, dealing with retailers who have been around a long time, with a
good reputation is advisable. Be particularly careful about warranty fine
print as in many cases your failure to comply with every detail will void
the warranty or provide an out for non-compliance with their policies no
matter with whom you are dealing.

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related information to both save consumers time and money.

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